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Marriage Records

Marriage Records are a fundamental category of public information mandated by the Freedom of Information Act, 1966. Generally accompanied by those of Divorce, Birth and Death, they form the principal vital records of central state agencies charged with the responsibility of statistics and public information. Compared to the pre-computer and internet era, obtaining Marriage Records nowadays is a breeze. The job can get done much better, faster and at a fraction of what it used to cost.

Marriage records are a great help to Genealogy and family history research. They are also well sought-after in investigative undertakings such as those by journalists and lawyers and are an official prerequisite in applying for a license to remarry in the case of divorcees. More privately, they are increasingly popular with individuals tracing their separated biological parents but the most prominent of all its uses has to be in the background check of a prospective spouse or in-law.

Marriage Records

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With the exception of some states, marriage records are generally considered to be public information. Actually, they had long been independently filed in various places even before the FOIA came into being. State Marriage Records are maintained at their respective central repositories. Any member of the public has the right to access them as long as procedures are followed. Certain information may be confidential but at a basic level, marriage records contain personal particulars of the couple, time and place of marriage, marriage license number, identities of parents, witnesses and officiant of the marriage ceremony. Marriage certificates and associated divorce records are usually requested separately.

With Internet, State Marriage Records are readily available with results within minutes hassle-free. FOC Marriage Records are widely offered online but they are mostly sub-standard and come with strings attached. For official and legal matters such as inheritance and divorce proceedings, professional material is essential and they aren’t necessarily expensive. For those uninitiated, you’d be well-advised to go with premium names like Archives just to be sure. Ultra-low customer returns, competitive rates with no hidden fees and full money-back guarantee, play it safe with Archives, in more ways than one!