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Wood County Marriage Records

Documents on marriage containing details of certification signed by the couple and by another apt signatory are essential as any other vital records. With these being important documents, the responsibility for making sure that they are well maintained and stored is taken care of by the government. If a copy of any Wood County marriage records is needed, one may seek its procurement from the Bureau of Vital Statistics at the Texas Department of State Health Services. Something to be noted about though is that the records available at the state office include only the index searches and verification letters for marriages and divorces.

The transition to marriage would require a woman to take her husband’s name. She would then need certified marriage record to update her personal driver’s license, social security details, and other official identification documents. Take note, however, that certified copies of marriage records Wood County, can only be obtained in the same county where your local county clerk’s office is. This must also be the county in which the tying of the knot took place and the marriage license was certified and was gotten.

Marriage Records Wood County

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Good thing that Texas, like other states in America, also follows the rule of having an informed citizenry, records such as these are made easily available to the general public. Thus, obtaining them for whatsoever legal purposes is easy as long as the procurement process is properly followed though. Documents like Wood County marriage license records are used greatly in cases where proof of identification, of next kin and designation of beneficiaries are required such as in real estate planning, immigration, and so many other licit transactions. These along with other vital records prove to be very beneficial in genealogy research, claiming insurance benefits, school entrance, etc. Wood County marriage license records, again, should you need a certified copy, can be obtained only through the County Clerk’s Office at Wood, Texas.

In pursuant to the Public Information Act of the Texas Government Code, any information generated, kept, and managed by any of the state’s Texas governmental bodies can be obtained by any member of the general public. Regardless of the format, requesting them through the appropriate agencies is easy peasy as long as the requirements for the acquisition are well provided. An application form has to be secured and completely filled out. The form has to show the complete names of both the husband and the wife, the date and county where they were married, and the county where they got their license to marry. Each copy costs $20; this standard processing fee is non-refundable albeit the marriage record requested is not found. The usual turnaround time for marriage record requests in Texas is about 10 to 15 business days.

To get a hold of State of Texas marriage records in a fast and easy way, do the transaction online. Record providers have already made their services available online for the convenience of consumers. Now, you can already file a request anytime in the comfort of your own home without having to go through all the tedious process and wait for days to weeks just to get the results. The Internet is undeniably the new trend today.

Marriage Records Wood County
To retrieve any Wood County marriage record in Texas, follow the outlined steps below:

  • Know which type of marriage document you wish to obtain
  • Download the Application for Copy of Document from the Orange County Clerk’s online portal
  • To get a marriage verification letter, visit the Texas Department of Health then fill it out with all the necessary details asked: details of the marriage as well as the requester’s personal information
  • Please specify your relationship to the subjects and the reason for such request
  • Indicate how many copies you want to get and prepare a fee of $20 for each copy

Wood County Marriage License Records

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