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Wilson County Marriage Records

Marriage records are important because they are official records, and in any proceeding, whether public or private in nature, official records are always the best evidence that one could present. Marriage records, like Wilson County Marriage Records, are important in that regard because there is sometimes a need to prove the existence of the marriage. This is because while marriage is, ultimately, something that involves only two people, the same attaches certain rights and obligations upon the couple, and this rights and obligations are binding upon the whole world. Thus, a person may sometimes pretend to be married in order to claim some of the rights and privileges that are granted only to married couples.

Marriage Records Wilson County are public records, just like any other marriage records that are available from the government. As public records, they are available to the public at all times, and are considered to be accurate, though it is possible for someone to question the veracity of the record. Of course, the person who would do so would have the burden of proving his allegation. It is important to note that marriage records are sometimes considered to be conclusive proof that there is a marriage, thus, if one exist, there are some jurisdictions who would consider the same to be indicative of the existence of the marriage. Conversely, the absence of a record in such jurisdictions would mean that the marriage did not occur at all.

Marriage Records Wilson County

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Under the law, copies of Wilson County Marriage License Records are only available from one location, and that would be the office of the county clerk. Of course, one must remember that the county clerk is required only to keep records of marriages that were celebrated within the county, hence, the reason why it is important for the searcher to know where the marriage occurred. Assuming that the marriage indeed occurred in Wilson County, the record would be available upon a valid request, which starts with the person who wants the record writing a request letter to the county clerk. The letter should contain as much information as possible regarding the record in question. The same letter should be sent to the office of the county clerk for processing, and though actual processing time would depend upon a number of circumstances, it is possible for the records in question to be made available within the same day. Note that the required copying fee, which is dependent upon the number of pages of the record, must also be paid before the records would be released.

As copies of Public Marriage Record Texas are only available at the place where the couple was married, it may be advisable for the searcher to request for verification from the Vital Statistics Unit of the Texas Department of State Health Services. The procedure starts with the searcher sending an accomplished application form for the same to the vital statistics unit together with a money order or check for the verification fee which is twenty dollars. Again, the actual processing time for the request would depend upon a number of circumstances. Note that the absence of records in the state level would mean that the marriage was not registered there, and that would mean that the marriage is not valid.

Online databases also provide substantially the same information as the various government-affiliated sources. The difference is that these databases are faster and more efficient, with minimum costs because most databases charge only the most minimum of fees, and easy accessibility given that they are dependent upon the internet, allowing them to be accessed anywhere where there is a substantial internet connection.

Marriage Records Wilson County
A verification letter may be obtained from the Vital Statistics Unit by following the procedure

  • Download and complete the application form
  • Make a money order or check to answer for the required fee of twenty dollars and attach the same upon the application form.
  • Send the application form to the Vital Statistics Unit
  • Wait for the Vital Statistics Unit to complete processing the request.
  • A verification letter would then be issued to you if there are records at the state level.
  • A certification of no record would be issued to you if there are no records at the state level. Most jurisdictions would accept this as conclusive proof that there was no marriage.

Wilson County Marriage License Records

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