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Wichita County Marriage Records

Although only two people could actually get married to each other, marriage is something that affects not only the community where the couple came from, but also the whole world. As one of the few celebrations that could actually change the status of a person, marriage, or rather, the status of being married, is something that follows the person no matter where he or she may go. This is the reason why marriage records, such as Wichita County Marriage Records, are being requested for, because they are the best evidence that could be presented to prove the existence of the marriage.

It may be necessary to ask why marriage has to be proven in the first place. Note that like all marriage records, Marriage Records Wichita County, could be used to prove the existence of marriage when the question of whether or not a couple who claims that they are married could exercise some of the rights that are only available to married couples, and note that these rights are binding upon the whole world. The story is the same when it comes to some obligations that are only available to married couples, as these obligations are also binding upon the married couple wherever they may go.

Marriage Records Wichita County

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A person who is seeking a copy of Wichita County Marriage License Records should remember that the only marriage records that he or she could get from the county clerk would be those records for marriages that were celebrated within the county. To do so, the person should first write a letter of request addressed to the county clerk. There is no template for the request letter, but do note that as much information as possible should be packed into said request letter. The letter should then be sent to the county clerk who shall process the request, though the processing time would depend upon the circumstances of the case and of the record. In general, a request could take as short as one day for hand-delivered letters to as long as weeks for those that are sent via mail. Of course, the required copying fee should also be paid.

Requesting for copies of Texas Marriage License Records would be faster and easier if one has a verification letter. This is because a copy of the verification letter could be attached to the request letter. To obtain a copy of a verification letter, an accomplished application form for the same should be sent to the Vital Statistics Unit of the Texas Department of State Health Services. The application form should be accompanied by the required fee of twenty dollars, either as a money order or check, when it is sent to the Vital Statistics Unit. Note that if the unit could not send a verification letter, they would send a certification reflecting that they have no records of the marriage in question, and the same is tantamount to there being no marriage all.

There are other sources of marriage records, but the best source would probably be online databases. This is because these databases are easy to locate and even easier to use. They are able to provide substantially the same information as the various government sources, but they do so using a platform that is not only faster and more efficient, but are also accessible from just about anywhere where there is a substantial internet connection.

Marriage Records Wichita County
To request for copies of marriage records at the local level, obtain first a verification letter then follow the procedure given below

  • Write a letter of request with as much information regarding the record in question as possible.
  • If possible, attach a photocopy of the verification letter that you had received to your request letter.
  • Send the request letter and all other attachments as may be necessary to the office of the county clerk
  • Wait for the county clerk to process your request. Actual processing time would depend upon the circumstances of the search and of the record in question.
  • Once the copies of the records in question had been made, pay the required fee.
  • Claim your copies of the records that you had requested for.

Wichita County Marriage License Records

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