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Westchester County Marriage Records

Those who are searching for the Westchester County marriage records must go to the office of Westchester County Archives because that’s where the marital reports from 1908 to 1935 are being preserved. But the legal process says that you need to keep in touch or contact the county clerk in order to begin the procedure of acquiring such documents. It should be the county clerk where the marriage license was obtained from. The Westchester County Historical Society can also help you with your marital searches as they have in possession some church records and newspapers which documented the marriages in the past.

However, the ones you will get at the Westchester County Archives are for genealogical use only, the records shall not be honored when being utilized to something else like court proceedings and other things. If you need a report that would warrant for court use then you must request for a certified copy of marriage records Westchester County, which you can only request through the County Clerk’s office. The request can be accomplished via mail, fax, phone or by visiting the office in person. You need to ask for a copy of the request or application form in order for you to start with the process. The form contains all the information regarding the subject and the details about you as the requesting party.

County Marriage Records Westchester

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Today, the said form can also be downloaded right through the clerk’s official website, which means that you can right away print it out at home without the need to go to the office and ask for it. So, it somehow cuts the time spent in doing the entire procedure itself. The cost to obtain a copy would be $15.00 per document and can only be paid through checks or money orders. Credit cards will not be accepted unfortunately. Also, the office concerned demands that the payment will be received before they begin the actual processing of Westchester County marriage license records request.

At present, the clerk’s official webpage has a section where the request form can be filled out so that the requestors will no longer have to hand over the request in person. As a requesting party you only have to provide some proofs that you are indeed a legitimate citizen in the county. Otherwise, the staff will not allow you to do the request as per the provision of the law. You need to present some valid identification like a driver’s license, passport, social security number, company ID or any document that would support your residency in the municipality of Westchester.

It goes to show that anybody in our time today can do the researches on New York marriage license public record for the fact that the local government units these days are ready with their resources to provide these types of records today. But apart from doing the search through these records offices individuals are privileged enough to use the Internet as an opportunity to locate the marriage records of people. It comes with a fee but it really shortens the processing time plus you can do it at any time even when you are away from home for as long as you have access to the Internet.

Marriage Records Westchester County
How to request for a copy of marriage record in Westchester:

  • If you want really old marital records then you visit the County Archives office as they have the reports from 1903 to 1935.
  • However, they can be used for genealogical research purposes only
  • If you rather want a certified copy which you can use for whatever purposes then you must visit the county clerk’s office
  • The fee to have a copy of it would be $15.00 per document which is only payable through checks or money orders. Credit cards are not accepted
  • You begin the search by filling out the request form. It should be completely in its entirety or else the staff will not work on your request
  • You should be able to present some proofs that you are a legitimate citizen in Westchester in order to move forward with the search
  • The processing time would depend on how much information you wanted to obtain. But usually, if it is through manual searches, it would take 2 to 3 weeks to complete the procedure

Westchester County Marriage License Records

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