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Warren County Marriage Records

The status of being married is something that follows the person no matter where he or she may go, and because the status of a person determines his or her eligibility to some rights, there is sometimes the need to prove the existence of the marriage. An example of this would be eligibility of a widowed spouse to the retirement benefits and social security of his or her deceased spouse. Marriage records like Warren County Marriage Records could not only prove the existence of the marriage, thus proving the eligibility of the spouse to the said benefits, but also be the best evidence that one could present in order to claim the same rights.

Like all marriage records, Marriage Records Warren County could be obtained from the government. They are public records, which mean that while the original copy of the same could not be obtained from the government, because they might be needed by someone else in the future, a certified true copy of the same, issued by the proper authorities, would have the same effect and power as the original one. Thus, this copy could then be used to claim the benefits and other rights that the widowed spouse is entitled to.

Marriage Records Warren County

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Copies of Warren County Marriage License Records, as was mentioned before, could be obtained from the government, and in this case, there are two general sources. The first of these two would be from the local or county level, and this would be through the records division of the probate court. it is important to note that the probate court that one must search the records from should be the probate court where the record were issued in the first place, otherwise, the copy would not be there. At this level, the person who desires the record would be required to go to the records division and make his request in person at the venue. Note that while it may require the person to travel, this is the faster method because the records would be made available, as much as possible, within the same day that they are requested for.

Copies of Marriage Records Georgia are also available at the state level through the office of vital records of the Georgia Department of Health. At this level, the procedure would take longer because the procedure is mail-based. This means that the person who desires a copy of the record would have to first obtain the necessary request form which may be downloaded from the website of the department, then complete it before sending it to the office for processing. Note that when the request form is sent, it must be accompanied by the required fee of fifteen dollars, either in money order or check form. Note further that because of the nature of mail requests, this procedure may take anywhere between two to eight weeks to complete.

Most requests for marriage records are done through the use of online databases, however. These online databases are faster and more efficient to use, not to mention cheaper because most of them would charge only the most minimum of fees for the use of their services. In addition, despite being mostly privately owned and operated, they do provide substantially the same records as the government sources.

Marriage Records Warren County
A request for records at the local level should follow the procedure given below

  • Make your way to the records division of the probate court
  • At the records division, inform the clerk of your intent to ask for copies of marriage records.
  • The clerk would then ask you some questions regarding the record or records that you intend to request for.
  • The answers that you provide would then form your search criteria which would be inputted in the search database.
  • The search database would make a list of all records that match your search criteria.
  • From this list of records, identify the one that you intend to request for.
  • The clerk would then produce the record or records in question for your perusal.
  • Once you are sure that these are the records that you want, ask that copies of the same be made for you.
  • Pay your required fee before claiming the copies.

Warren County Marriage License Records

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