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Utah Marriage Records

In the state of Utah, accounts on significant events of a person’s life, including Utah marriage records and those of births, deaths and divorces, are kept safe and updated at the Utah State Vital Records Department. The statewide recording of this sort of document commenced in 1978. By law, the Vital Records Office does not supply an actual duplicate of the original nuptial file; instead, it provides an abstract of the information, which is derived from the marriage record. To get hold of either a matrimonial data dated before 1978 or a reproduction of the original matrimonial information or a certified copy, get in touch with the County Clerk in the district where the license was granted.

At the county level, marriage accounts of Utah are dated way back 1885; the dates, though, may vary from one county to another. The general public is entitled to acquire such information. However, a searcher must be aware about when a certain marriage occurred in order to determine the proper place to conduct the hunt. The County Clerk in the county of occurrence has on file marital documents less than 75 years old. On the other hand, those that were stocked for 75 years and more are available at the Utah State Archives.

Marriage Records Utah

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Utah Vital Records Office contact info:
Address: Office of Vital Records & Statistics
Utah Department of Health
288 North 1460 West
P.O. Box 141012
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-1012
Telephone: (801) 538-6105

Utah Marriage License Public Records

To complete your request for this kind of paper, it is rather necessary to pay the cost of $16 per file copy. Payments should be sent directly to the Utah Vital Records by check, money order or personal checks. Extra copies are likewise available at $8 each. Apart from the fee, it’s also a must to attach a clear, back-to-back photocopy of your identification, specifically when ordering by walk-in. Lately, with the versatility of the Internet, finding the information you longed-for is a breeze. Marriage documents are currently retrievable in just a few mouse clicks at your most convenient place and time. Fee-based data providers online, in particular, extend high-speed services and well-made reports for a fair price. Furthermore, they work round-the clock, making certain your concerns are answered in no time. Try their services now by clicking here!