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Ulster County Marriage Records

Ulster County marriage records are locally archived at the town or villages where the marriage license was granted. Thus, it is the first responsibility of the requestors to find out where the marriage took place so they will know which specific office to go to when in need of the said legal documents. In Ulster, county clerks were ordered to make indexes or registers of marriages from 1908 to 1926. Such a practice has been applied up to these days, hence, the locals should be able to pull up the resources which they needed.

At that time, although the documentation stopped in 1926 some of the clerks still continue make summaries of the marriages that transpired within the localities. The details of the record are never divulged in the old days for security purposes, they only were able to provide the requestors with the names of those in the record, license date and the place of issue. Other than that remains confidential as a directive of the local government. Nowadays, the direct office that you should make contact with must be the village, town or city clerk for they for sure have the marriage records Ulster County that you are looking for.

County Marriage Records Ulster

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However, if you need more resources or additional data you can visit or call the New York State Department of Health and find out more facts regarding people’s marriage documents. The request can only be done in person or via mail. The mail request has been the traditional process executed many years ago until now. It is accomplished by writing a form letter of request, fill out the records request form completely and put it inside a self-addressed, stamped envelope prior to submitting it to the town clerk. The form today can be downloaded right through the official online page of the city clerk or you can ask for it at the office in person.

The Ulster County marriage license records would be able to feed you with authentic information for whatever purposes you would like to use them. If the purpose is only for family research then you will not have to pay for it. But if it is going to be utilized for court proceedings or commercial purposes then you will have to pay $20.00 per document. It is going to be a certified copy, thus, it will be honored wherever you are going to leverage it. As a requesting party, you just have to present any government-issued ID to prove that you are a legal citizen in Ulster. Otherwise, your application will be rejected as per management’s policy for those who want to perform the search.

In the advent of modern technology today, these marriage records New York can be obtained paperless with the aid of computers and the Internet. The good thing is that anybody today has the privilege of just doing the lookup at home or wherever as long as there is Internet connection. You only need to pay a reasonable fee to an online records solution which ultimately offers you the kind of service that you get to be thankful of for its total convenience.

Marriage Records Ulster County
How to get copies of marriage records in Ulster:

  • Visit the town, city or village where you are in for the marriage records
  • As requestor you should know which place the marriage license was issued
  • Application can be done via mail or in-person
  • The fee to have a copy of it is $20.00 per document
  • You only need to present government-issued IDs so that you will be recognized as a real or legitimate citizen in Ulster
  • Turnaround time usually takes 2 to 3 weeks

Ulster County Marriage License Records

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