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Trumbull County Marriage Records

There are places where you can potentially obtain the Trumbull County marriage records from if you are just persistent in finding them. Some of the places that documents these records include the Ohio Library, County Probate Court, Department of Health and other government agencies that have the authority to compile such reports. If you have no idea where the wedding took place then you go check the U.S. Federal Census to find out where the couple resided before they got married. The Ohio Genealogical Society is also in possession of the said records from 1834 up to present time.

If someone’s name is not indexed then if you could at least provide the year when the wedding took place and review all of the documents from that year or group of years. The marriage records Trumbull County should be available at the probate court for the officiant will certainly submit it before the court when the papers have been signed already by both parties including the witnesses. It is a standard operating procedure and so you must follow through the proper guide in getting the job done in a more legal procedure.

County Marriage Records Trumbull

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Here are the details which you need to supply in order to move forward with the search. You need to state the names of the married couple, and then you specify what type of report you are requesting for, provide the year and date of marriage and lastly the city or county where the wedding took place. A certified copy of marriage records costs $12.00 per name; the same amount would apply for the Trumbull County marriage license records. However, if the search is for genealogical research purposes only, then it requires you no amount of fee as described by the laws in Ohio. These searches can all be done at Ohio History Connection, Research Services Department.

The County Probate Court has different steps to go through when trying to obtain a copy of such record. They require either mail or in-person request depending on which one is more convenient on your end. To start with you must ask for a copy of the request form which can be obtained at the office concerned or be downloaded right through the probate court’s official website. If the request is submitted via mail then you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with the required fee which should not go beyond $20.00 per copy. Then you have it notarized so that it will be considered an official request from you.

The Ohio marriage license records can be requested in the same manner as well provided that you comply with all the necessary requirements. But with the presence of modern technology these days, the manual ways of doing the search already have an alternative using the internet. This time you can pull up the reports in only a few minutes. Hence, very useful in times of urgent needs and is very convenient too because you can do it anywhere you want for as long as you have access to the Internet.

Marriage Records Trumbull County
How to obtain a copy of a marriage record in Trumbull:

  • Visit the Probate Court and ask for a copy of the request form
  • The form should be filled out completely
  • Put it in a self-addressed, stamped envelope when submitting via mail, have it notarized before mailing to the specified address
  • You can also visit the Ohio Research Center to do the searches of the same records
  • The fee would be $12.00 per name and is payable through money order or cash
  • They also have a form to officially place your request
  • Processing time for both is 2 to 3 weeks

Trumbull County Marriage License Records

Searching for the details on marriage license records can be done online too. You might want to check out the following online references for the said types of reports:

  • Ohio History
  • Vital Records
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Clerk of Courts
  • County Genealogy
  • County Archive
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