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Travis County Marriage Records

A marriage document is a vital record. Normally, managing these ‘vital records’ is the responsibility of the Department of State Health Services, particularly the Bureau of Vital Statistics Division. This means that if you are to obtain a copy of any vital record, say Travis County marriage records, you can get it from the State Office. However, in Texas, marriage and divorce decrees are only accessible through the local county clerk. Those that are provided in the state office are just verification letters and index searches only. Verification letters of marriage are available for those that transpired from 1966 to present whereas those for divorce and annulment are those that occurred from 1968 till the present time.

Marriage records Travis County, should you need them for whatsoever legal purposes, can be obtained directly from the County Clerk in Travis, Texas. The Texas State is actually an open records state. This means that all documents generated by all the state’s governmental bodies – including private offices that expend government subsidy – are subject to the Public Records Law. Such provision includes vital records. Therefore, anyone who needs to suss out the background of any person in question by reviewing records can benefit from this. Marriage records, like any other public documents, are very useful in the light of scrutinizing the background of anyone questionable. Thus they are used widely in criminal background investigations, employment purposes, immigration, loan applications, school entrance, etc.

Marriage Records Travis County

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Almost every transaction requires a processing fee. This also applies to record requests, whether they are public records or not. The standard fee for marriage record requests is $20 and this is non-refundable as it serves as payment for the search itself. Thus, if the Travis County marriage license records you requested are not located, the fees you have paid for will no longer be refunded. Such fee has to be through money order only or check made payable to the Travis County Clerk’s Office. To get these documents, a process has to be followed. First, get a ‘request to access’ or an application form. You can get the form online from their website or obtain this personally from their office. The office opens from 8 am to 5 pm, Mondays through Fridays and closes during major holidays.

It would be easy to rack up these documents should you have all the necessary requirements handy. In the application form, the following particulars must be shown: complete names of the husband and wife, date and county where they exchanged marital vows, and the county where they got their marriage license. As the person requesting for the document, your details should also be provided in the same form: your complete legal name, mailing address, your relationship to the person/s indicated on the document, and the reason for perusing such. Once the form is completed, submit it to the apt agency and expect to get the results of your record search after 10 – 15 business days.

Such turnaround relies heavily on the volume of requests the Travis County Clerk’s Office receives at the same time your order is placed; thus it could actually take more than the expected number of days required for your entreaties to be processed. This is the reason why most consumers nowadays already resort to the modern way of retrieving public records. Texas marriage records are readily available through alternative record providers. Because it is done online, you can be ascertained to get them fast without any deferral; not to mention the amount of money you get to save with this modern marvel of record retrieval.

Marriage Records Travis County
To obtain a copy of any marriage record in Travis County Texas, you can follow the steps below:

  • Download the Application for Copy of Document from the Orange County Clerk’s online portal
  • To get a marriage verification letter, visit the Texas Department of Health then fill it out the form with all the information asked
  • Provide the complete legal names of the husband and wife, the date and county where they got married, and the county where they got the license
  • As the requester, provide your full name, address, and a phone number where you can be reached at
  • Please specify your relationship to the subjects and the reason for such request
  • Indicate how many copies you want to get and prepare a fee of $20 for each copy. Such fee applies for the search itself, thus it is non-refundable

Travis County Marriage License Records

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