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Tompkins County Marriage Records

Tompkins County marriage records are requested at the respective town clerks as per mandate of the laws and statutes in New York. It is specifically stated in the Freedom of Information Law where the said government records are retrievable by the public at any time so long as the requestor adheres to the existing rules and regulations imposed by the clerk’s office. There are only two ways in which the residents can perform the request. It is going to be either via mail or in-person. The form is very crucial in the process as it contains all the necessary details of the subject and the requesting party to move forward with the search.

To do the mail request, you must write a formal letter of request and fill out the application form. The form can be downloaded from the clerk’s official website. Just print it out and submit to the specified clerk’s office address along with the amount of service charge being asked by the clerk. The marriage records Tompkins County request is email to the clerk via USPS or hand-delivered during weekdays between 8a.m. to 4p.m. to the records management officer. This current set-up is very hassle-free for the locals nowadays simply because they are no longer obliged to make a trip all the way to the state’s central records repository.

County Marriage Records Tompkins

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The records officer will respond within 5 working days upon receipt of the said mail request. If it reaches 10 already and you don’t get to hear from the office then you can follow up by either calling the office or visit the place in person. If you do the request in-person then simply drop by at the said agency, ask for a copy of the form, fill it out and pay for the reasonable service charge. The County Clerk is also authorized to release the Tompkins County marriage license records, it is only up to the locals as to where and which office they would want to go to for searching purposes.

Whichever office you go the standard procedure would be that as a requesting party you must be able to present some personal documents showing that you are a legitimate citizen in Tompkins, New York. The documents include a driver’s license, passport, company ID, social security number and other files which show your signature and current photo. You can also obtain copies of the Tompkins County marriage license records if you also wanted them for some important reason. As for the service fee it is at the moment at $10.00 per copy but it could have changed already as per management’s prerogative. Hence, the advice would be to contact the office concerned for you to determine the current exact records retrieval fee.

With today’s technological advancement success, these New York marriage records are very much available online in only a few clicks on your computer. The real challenge is to find an authentic online records archive where you can do the records application. You only have to fill in the details that are required of you to type in and pay a minimal cost to complete your request. This just means that the residents in Tompkins this time have options as to whether they go online when doing the application or still prefer the traditional method.

Marriage Records Tompkins County
How to obtain a marriage record in Tompkins:

  • Know which town or village the marriage license was issued
  • Fill out the request form to start the search
  • Request can only be executed by mail or in-person
  • Mail requests require you to complete the form and place it in a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Some towns would require that you have the form notarized first before submitting it to the office concerned
  • For in-person request all you have to do is complete the form and hand it over to the clerk’s office
  • For current fees just call the office for you to determine the cost for getting a copy of it
  • Processing time is 2 to 3 weeks

Tompkins County Marriage License Records

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