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Summit County Marriage Records

The Probate Court in Ohio is fully responsible for the compilation of Summit County marriage records. As a matter of fact, they also have an updated archive on all the marriage licenses issued to every local citizen in Summit, Ohio for the informational needs of the people at present and the future generations to come. These records are actively being sought after for the purpose of verifying the true status of someone, for background checks and simply for those who are creating their family trees. But, the requestors must adhere to all the rules and regulations that come along while doing the legal search.

The cost for placing an order on a certified marriage record is $2.00 per document. The mode of payment is through cash, in-state personal check, cashier’s check or a certified check made payable to Summit County Probate Court. If you have a credit card you may use it but with a 3% charge for using such means of payment. The request can be made in person and mail procedures. More so, the Historical Marriage Indexes has in possession all the marital reports from 1980 up to present and they make it also available for the public to see. The earlier records can be viewed through an online database of marriage records Summit County called the Ancestry Institution.

County Marriage Records Summit

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To do the records application via mail, one must obtain a copy of the records request form first which can be downloaded online. The form contains all the important facts about the subject and the requesting party. Hence, it should be fully completed or else the staff will not process your request. After completing the form, it should be placed in a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with the required fee. It should be notarized to be sure of its authenticity and that the records office should all the more consider approving your request.

Back in the old days, only the owners of the records, their legal representative and the government are strictly given access to the marriage records in Ohio as well as the Summit County marriage license records. But due to some circumstances, the said documents have been made available to the general public at this moment. However, non-owners of such record can only have access to marital reports if they abide to certain conditions. First and foremost, the reason for retrieving the document should be very valid. Otherwise, the court will not honor it for security measures.

With the necessity to speed up the acquisition of this Ohio marriage license records, the online world had stepped up in the effort to allow the people to have a much faster access to such files. There are instances when they are urgently needed and the records office simply cannot pick up the pace because there is too much requests coming from a lot of requestors. And so, this online records solution serves as a new tool to serve the people even better. They are able to know the truth that quick by simply browsing the web, find a reliable records service and generate the data you need in just a few clicks.

Marriage Records Summit County
How to obtain a marriage record in Summit:

  • Visit the Summit County Probate Court to begin the process
  • The fee is $2.00 per document and is payable through cash, personal check, cashier’s check or a certified check
  • You can use a credit card but with a 3% charge as a general policy for using such mode of payment
  • The request can be realized via mail or in-person procedure
  • If you do it by mail you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and have the application notarized before sending it to the Probate Court’s office
  • The standard application form can be downloaded through the court’s office webpage or by simply visiting the agency in person
  • Processing time is 2 to 3 weeks provided that there is no predicaments along the way

Summit County Marriage License Records

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