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Steuben County Marriage Records

The County Clerk used to be just the only place where the locals can order for the Steuben County marriage records. But due to the increasing volume of requests that the office received, top officials have decided to localize the compilation and release of such records. This would mean that the said legal documents are now available at the city, town and village clerks where they are most accessible to the local residents. Also, everyone should not hesitate in placing a request to this record as per mandate of the laws and statutes in New York.

Steuben County has also a Historian who is responsible for a lot of things including the documentation of genealogical records, census index, burial records, newspapers from 1831 to 1960 microfilm, and other important files which you might need in your quest to unfold the marriage records Steuben County. They also have a Records Management division that is composed of a Records Retention Clerk and a Records Manager. If you reside close to the County Clerk then it should be easy for you to just request such report from there.

County Marriage Records Steuben

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But for most of the citizens in Steuben, going to the town clerk offices would be the most convenient option. These offices have an archive on all records, books and papers for the use of the public today. However, these marital reports are only made available when they have reached 50 years and above already. The ones that are less than 50 years should be ordered formally by going through all the paper requirements. Furthermore, the residents are also able to produce the Steuben County marriage license records through the same offices made available as a government resource.

The fee would be $10.00 per document. It could be higher than the said amount if you wanted more in-depth results of your request. Plus, you are obliged to pay an extra fee for the reproduction of copies of the record. As a requesting party, you can only apply by mail or in person. If you do it via mail make sure that you have filled out the official request form completely and put it inside a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with the required fee. The fee could change over time, so it is advised that you contact the office concerned to determine the exact amount which you are going to pay.

With the availability of the internet today, some information providers have made it a possibility to actually obtain the New York State marriage records instantly. It is indeed doable with the help of a reliable web-based records solution where all you have to do is type in the basic details of the subject and pay for the service fee. The cost is very reasonable and is really worth a try doing the search over the web. It is less complicated and not a waste of your time. For urgent needs this will be a great alternative as you wanted to stay away from the hassles and too much paperwork done via the traditional approach.

Marriage Records Steuben County
How to get a copy of a marriage record in Steuben:

  • County Clerk has the authority to release the marital reports but are now delegating the task to the respective town, city, and village clerks
  • The fee is $10.00 per document, but there will be extra fees for ordering more copies of the same document
  • The official request form should be filled out completely to initiate your request
  • For mail request it should be done by placing the completed form in a self-addressed, stamped envelope and have it notarized if the clerk’s office requires it
  • For in-person request all you have to do is hand-over the completed application form at the office concerned
  • Present some of your personal documents to show that you are eligible to perform the request
  • Turn-around time usually takes 2 to 3 weeks

Steuben County Marriage License Records

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