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Stark County Marriage Records

The probate court has been the central repository for vital records including the Stark County marriage records. They archive it along with the marriage licenses that were issued within the county. Most people make a request for it in the hope to know the real status of the individual while some people use it as a legal reference to conduct a genealogical research. Genealogical searches are normally provided without a fee, you are only required to pay a certain amount if you are looking for a certified copy of a person’s marriage record.

Marriage records Stark County can be obtained for a fee of $1.00 per document. It is printed on heavy bond paper which contains the following details; complete names of the groom and the bride, location of marriage, date of marriage and the people involved in the ceremony. This piece of document is indeed valuable to verify that someone’s marriage has indeed existed. A marriage license record on the other hand costs $2.00 per copy and is retrievable only via mail on in-person. It can only be paid through check or money order. Cash will not be accepted for some reason.

County Marriage Records Stark

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As a requesting party, you only have to be eligible to do the request. You can do that by visiting the office concerned in person or make a call to inquire of your chances of getting a copy of the said report. If you are eligible, the next step would be to comply with the necessary paper requirements including a valid ID which is required from you to justify that you are truly a legitimate citizen in Stark. You may present any of the following IDs including a driver’s license, passport, military ID, social security number or any other government-issued ID which has your signature and your current photo.

The process is more or less similar when you are in pursuit for the Stark County marriage license records, you only have to be fully compliant with all the requirements and you should be good to acquiring the reports that you are looking for. Today, the office does not only facilitate the search manually but is now able to perform computer searches where the paper works are no longer a necessity. This implies a much quicker approach to gaining the legal documents at the probate court for the old process now becomes very handy to go through minus the paper requirements.

The residents in Stark are absolutely grateful for this modern transition from doing the manual work to doing the digital work on marriage record searches as well as in conducting the Ohio marriage license public record checks. These days, it has become even more hassle-free with the existence of an online records service which only gives you a little time to spend on running a check. It comes with a fee for a fantastic output that you can get out of it. So, if you are in a rush to knowing the status or marital history of someone you can just look it up via Internet. You now have the preferences as to whether you go online in search for the marriage records or do it the traditional way.

Marriage Records Stark County
How to get a copy of marital report in Stark:

  • Stark Probate Court is in-charge of the documentation and release of marital records
  • A marriage certificate costs $1.00 per document while a marriage license costs $2.00 per copy
  • You need to present a valid government ID in order to proceed with the search
  • The form has to be completed to officially submit your application
  • If the record is not yours you will need consent from the court itself, your reason should be solid enough for you to be granted such request
  • The fee by the way can only be paid through check or money order. Cash will not be accepted
  • Processing time would be 2 to 3 weeks depending on the weight of your request

Stark County Marriage License Records

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