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Stanislaus County Marriage Records

One of the most important reasons why marriage records like Stanislaus County Marriage Records exist is because of the fact that there are certain rights and privileges, duties, and obligations that are only available to married couples. These include the obligation to live together. Later on, the existence of a valid marriage would also be something that would affect the children of the couple, because a legitimate child, to be legitimate, would have to be born from a valid marriage, and a valid marriage would always have a marriage license which is a part of the marriage records.

As it is something that the public is always so concerned about, it is but natural that Marriage Records Stanislaus County be considered as public records. Of course, this classification is only available for informational copies which any person could request from the various government offices and agencies. Informational copies could not be used for official proceedings, but certified copies could be. Certified copies, however, could only be requested for by a person who is amongst those identified in the exclusive list provided for by law. Note, however, that informational and certified copies provide the exact same information.

County Marriage Records Stanislaus

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As was impliedly mentioned, there are a number of sources where one could obtain copies of Stanislaus County Marriage License Records, and the best source at the local level would be the office of the clerk-recorder, because the clerk-recorder is the official custodian of all public records. A request for records at this level would require the person making the request to request for the same through mail. This is because there is currently no desk at the office of the clerk-recorder that would be able to handle the request. A request through mail would mean that the person making the request would have no need to actually go to the office, but it would also mean that the records would have to be sent through mail which means that there is a significant delay between the actual submission of the form and the actual arrival of the same. The required fee is fifteen dollars per record and this should be answered for through a money order or check. Note that multiple requests require multiple application forms, all of which must comply with the formal requisites if the request is for certified copies, but only one money order or check is required if it would be able to answer for all the fees.

California Marriage License Records may also be obtained at the state level through the California Department of Public Health. The procedure to follow at this level is the same as at the local level, but there are two forms here. Note that an application form for a certified copy could not be used to request for an informational copy, or vice versa. The required fee is also fifteen dollars.

Marriage license records are also available online through the use of various online databases. These databases provide the same information as the various government offices and agencies, albeit they could present this information faster and more efficiently because they are using a different platform. In addition, most of these databases do not charge anything for the use of their services, and because they are internet searches, they could be used from the home of the user.

Marriage Records Stanislaus County
The procedure to follow when requesting for records at the local level is given below

  • Visit the website of the office of the clerk-recorder and download the correct application form
  • Fill up the application form.
  • Note the formal requisites of having the form notarized and a sworn statement detailing the relation of the person making the request to the parties to the marriage. These requisites must be complied with.
  • Determine your required fee
  • Make a money order or check to answer for the required fee.
  • Multiple requests require only one money order or check so long as it could answer all the required fees.
  • Send all requirements to the office for processing

Stanislaus County Marriage License Records

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