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Solano County Marriage Records

There are many reasons why governments keep records of almost everything that they do, but the most important reason is because these records could be used not only by the government, but even by the general public when it comes to satisfying their queries. Take, for example, the cases of Solano County Marriage Record, which is a marriage record. Marriage records are kept because they provide information regarding the validity and the existence of a marriage, and the same becomes important when one considers that there are some rights and obligations that are available only to those who are parties to a marriage and their families.

Marriage Records Solano County are public records to be sure, but there are also two kinds of marriage records, informational copies and certified copies. Although they do provide the same information, informational copies could not be used for official proceedings, indeed, as its name implies, it may only be used for informational purposes. Certified copies could be used for official proceedings, but they are not public records in the senses that they are available to every person who would request for them. This is because certified copies are only available to a person who is included in an exclusive list that has been provided for by law.

County Marriage Records Solano

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Both informational and certified copies of Solano County Marriage License Records are available at the local level, and a request for the same at this level must go through either one of two prescribed methods. The first method would be to make the request in person, and the other would be to make the request through mail. Both have their own set of advantages, just as they have their own set of disadvantages. Certainly, requesting for the records in person means that the person would have to go to the office and make the request there, but request in person are typically faster because the records would be made available, usually, at the same day. Requests through mail may mean that the person making the request need not go to the office to make the request, but it would certainly be slower as everything would have to be done through slow mail. Either way, the required fee would be fifteen dollars per copy of the document, and it must comply with the formal requisites when requesting for certified copies. Formal requisites means that the application form must be notarized and the sworn statement attached to the application form must be filled up.

California Marriage License Records are also available at the state level through the California Department of Public Health. The procedure to follow at this level would be the same as the procedure that must be followed when making a request for records at the local level through mail. The same fees and formal requisites also apply.

A more efficient search could be conducted through online databases. Using a faster and more efficient database, these online databases provide information straight from the government offices and agencies, but most charge only a minimal fee. Of course, because they are internet searches, this means that they could be used from the home of the user and that there are no lines to fall into. The speed of the search would depend on the speed of the internet connection and should there be a need to print the same, only a printer would be required.

Marriage Records Solano County
Given below is the procedure to follow at the state level.

  • From the website of the California Department of Public Health, download the relevant application form
    – Note that multiple requests must have multiple forms.
    – Note that application forms for informational copies could not be used for request for certified copies and vice versa.
  • Accomplish the application form.
    – Note that request for certified copies would require that the forms be notarized and the sworn statement attached thereto must be accomplished as well.
  • Determine your required fee and make a money order or check to answer for the same.
    – Multiple request require only one check or money order so long as all the required fees could be answered by the same.
  • Send all requirements to the office for processing and wait for the records to be sent to you
    – Processing time takes anywhere between three to twenty days.

Solano County Marriage License Marriage Records

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