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Shelby County Marriage Records

Texas is an open records state. Because it is, it does uphold the principle of having an informed citizenry. This means that constituents are entitled with the legitimate right to have full access to all records contained in the Lone Star State’s public archives. Shelby County marriage records, for example, are public documents. As such, anyone who needs them can actually get them as long as the proper procedure is adhered to.

Albeit vital records are housed in the state’s central storehouse which is the Texas Department of State Health Services specifically the Bureau of Vital Statistics, documents on matrimonial bonds and their dissolution are accessible only through the local county clerk. Marriage records Shelby County cost $20 a piece. For a certified copy of a marriage license, just add $5 to that. The local clerk proffers such record retrieval service during weekdays at normal office hours.

Marriage Records Shelby County

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Marriage documents, just like other vital records, are legal files and are henceforth very beneficial in a handful of purposes. Criminal background check is one. In sussing out the shady past of someone questionable, records are reviewed. Another is employment. If the applicant is married, a marriage certificate has to be submitted to the Human Resource department. There are actually a lot more undertakings in which documents like Shelby County marriage license records are deemed to be useful. These include travel and immigration, loan applications, claiming insurance benefits and school entrance.

The first step in the process is to secure a ‘request to access’ form or simply the application form. This document is downloadable online from the county clerk’s website but you can choose to obtain this personally from their office. Have it printed out and complete it with the following particulars: complete legal names of the couple, date and county where the wedding transpired, and the county where the license to wed was procured. In obtaining Shelby County marriage registers, it is necessary that as you file your entreaty, you also provide your information as the requester. Your full name, address and your contact number are asked. In addition, indicating your reason for requesting such crucial file as well as specifying your relationship to the people named on the document is requisite.

Getting a hold of Texas marriage license records is easy when you know the right agency to go to and the requirements as well. When you have all these handy, acquiring any of these registers is not a problem. The only problem you will have is the turnaround time which usually takes 10 to 15 business days, roughly. This could still extend depending on the volume of orders the County Clerk’s office receives at the time you place your order. For a more convenient and faster transaction, online retrieval is the answer. It is surely fast as it can provide you with the documents you need in just a matter of minutes plus it is cheaper considering that you will only need a computer and an Internet connection handy. With these, you are good to go.

Marriage Records Shelby County
Procuring a copy of any marriage record in Shelby County Texas can be done by following the instructions outlined below:

  • Download the Application for Copy of Document from the Orange County Clerk’s online portal
  • To get a marriage verification letter, visit
  • the Texas Department of Health then fill it out with all the necessary details asked
  • Provide the complete names of the groom and bride, the date and county where they tied the knot, and the county where they got the license
  • As the requester, provide your personal details as well. These include your full name, address, and your phone number where you can be reached at
  • Please specify your relationship to the subjects and the reason for such request
  • Indicate how many copies you want to get and prepare a fee of $20 for each copy. Such fee applies for the search itself, thus it is non-refundable

Shelby County Marriage License Records

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