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Scioto County Marriage Records

The Probate Court has the complete responsibility in archiving the Scioto County marriage records as described by law in Ohio. Individuals must go to this place in search of the said legal reports. Although, there are other local offices which offer the same kind of service such as the Genealogical Society, Public library and others. However, certified copies of it can only be obtained at the Probate Court and there are no other agencies that can provide such type of record to anybody. Hence, as a requestor you must know as to what purpose you are seeking the documents for so that you will know what to request before the court.

The request comes with a form which you will have to complete in its entirety. Every detail being asked on it should be filled-in; otherwise the staff will not process your request for some reason. The fee is $2.00 per certified document and if you are going to need more copies of the same record then you will have to pay $.50 more for each. There are absolutely a lot of marriage records Scioto County which you can acquire from the probate court for they have started doing the compilation the 18th century up to present. So, it should be a perfect resource when you are doing a family research or if you want information which you can use for court trials and other circumstances.

County Marriage Records Scioto

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The application can be picked-up at the office concerned or be downloaded right through the Court’s official webpage. Their website also allows you to pull-up a bit of information of marriage records, however, you will only get minimal details about the persons of interest as the certified and comprehensive ones can only be requested at the Probate Court. The local residents in Scioto may apply for such information via mail or through walk-in services. Both methods are accomplished by filling out the request form and turn it in before the office to start processing your request on Scioto County marriage license records.

But in the case of a mail request, the requesting party must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and write a formal letter of request and submit the application to the Probate Division office together with the required amount of service fee. The cost could actually change over time, that’s why the locals are given the liberty to make a phone call to their office for inquiries if there are changes being done by the officials of the records office.

But the long wait is over, these OH marriage records can this time be downloaded over the web in no time. The only trick is to find a reliable website which offers you credible data about marital reports. It is developed to make the job more convenient and hassle-free for the general public. You don’t have to worry for this is definitely legal, you will not be held accountable by the authorities for doing an online search of the said records for you have to make sure that the online records resource is legitimate.

Marriage Records Scioto County
How to get a copy of a marriage record in Scioto:

  • Pay a visit at the County’s Probate Court
  • The fee is $2.00 per document plus $.50 for each of the additional copies
  • It is only made payable using checks or money order
  • Show a valid ID, at least one among the following; driver’s license, passport, military ID, social security card and other government-issued ID with your current photo and signature
  • Don’t miss in completing the form
  • It takes 2 to 3 weeks in processing your request

Scioto County Marriage License Records

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