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Santa Cruz County Marriage Records

The reason that governments keep records of marriage is because of the fact that there are certain rights and obligations that become available to a person only after they had been married. An example of this would be the right and the obligation to live together. At the same time, one must note that the rights and obligations talked about here extend not only to those who were parties to the marriage, but even to third persons. More importantly, some of these third persons are person who are not even born, like the children that could be born out of this marriage. They would only be considered legitimate, and thus, would have some defined rights available only to legitimate children, if there was a marriage. It is thus, easy, to see why Santa Cruz County Marriage Records, like all other marriage records, are of great importance.

Before a person could request for Marriage Records Santa Cruz County, he must first take into consideration that he may not be able to request for a certified copy of the same. This is because while marriage records are public records, the law prescribed a list of people who are allowed to request for certified copies. For those people who are not part of the list, they would have to be content with mere informational copies, though one must note that the only difference between the two would be the fact that informational copies could not be used for official proceedings. In all other respects, informational and certified copies are the same.

County Marriage Records Santa Cruz

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There are a number of places where a person could request for a copy of Santa Cruz County Marriage License Records, but the first place where a person would make the request would be at the local level in the form of the office of the recorder. At this office, there are two procedures that could be chosen by the searcher to begin the search. The first method would be to request for the records in person. This method would require the searcher to go to the office of the recorder and to make the request there. Although there is the requirement to be personally there, the searcher could get his hands on the records requested for at the same day. The other method would be to make the request through mail. This method means that the searcher need not go to the office to make the request, rather, he would be allowed to use downloadable application forms and postal mail, but because of the distances involved, it may take a few days for the clerk to be able to process the request of the searcher. Either way, the required fee is fifteen dollars and there are formal requisites that must be followed.

Another source of California Marriage License Public Records would be the California Department of Public Health. The procedure at this level is the same as the procedure at the local level, though one must note that the state level departments only process requests sent by mail, indeed, the department currently maintains no desk for in person requests of marriage records.

Of course, the fastest method to search for marriage records would be to search of the records online through the use of online databases. There are a number of such databases that could be used by the searcher when making the search. As with all internet searches, searches using these online databases are faster and more efficient than traditional searches, and most of these databases do not even charge anything for the use of their services.

Marriage Records Santa Cruz County
The procedure below is the procedure that is being used at the local level

  • Pick a method that you would like to use when making the search. There are two methods.
  • The first method is to request for the records in person
    • Head over to the office of the recorder and their records division.
    • Inform the clerk on duty of your intention to request for marriage records.
  • The clerk would give you a form which you must then fill up.
    • Note that if you are requesting for certified copies, you must inform the clerk so that you would be assisted in notarizing the form and in making the required sworn statement which are formal requisites.
    • Submit the completed application form.
    • Pay the required fee
    • Wait for the records to be issued to you. Usually, this would happen within the day.
  • The second method is to request through mail
    • Download the required form from the website of the office of the recorder
    • Complete the application form
    • Note that if you are requesting for a certified copy, you must have the form notarized and a sworn statement should be appended to the application form
    • Determine your required fee and make either a money order or a check to answer for the same.
    • Send all requirements to the office for processing.
    • Wait between two to ten days for the records to be sent to you

Santa Cruz County Marriage License Records

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