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San Joaquin County Marriage Records

One of the most constant things in the life of a person is his or her status, and this is something that binds the whole world. One of the ceremonies that would change the status of a person is marriage, and this is one of the reasons why the government pays close attention to marriages, because status is not just a label, it is also a source of rights, not only for those whose status are being affected, but also their families, and third persons, including those who have not yet been born. Thus, it is easy to see why marriage records, like San Joaquin County Marriage Records, are being kept by the government.

Marriage Records San Joaquin County is public records, and this classification means that they are available to anyone who would request for them. Note, however, that this is only true when it comes to informational copies. Certified copies are not public records in the sense that they are only available to a certain class of people, a class identified by an exclusive list provided for by law. Any person who is not part of this list would not be able to request for certified copies no matter how hard they request for the same. In any case, informational copies and certified copies provide the same information; it is just that one could not use informational copies for official purposes.

County Marriage Records San Joaquin

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There are many sources of both informational and certified copies of San Joaquin County Marriage License Records, but the first source would always be the office of the recorder. The office of the recorder would provide copies of the records requested for provided that the request for the same would follow the procedure given by the office. The procedure starts with the searcher first downloading the required application form online from the website of the office of the recorder. This is the same form that would be used regardless of the type being requested for, but note that requests for certified copies would require the searcher to have the form notarized and a sworn statement detailing the qualifications of the requested to request for certified copies be appended to the form. These are what are known as formal requisites. The next step would be to make a money order or check to answer for the required fee which is fifteen dollars per record. Once all of this is complete, the searcher would then have to send the requirements to the office for processing.

Another source of CA Marriage Records is state level departments in the form of the California Department of Public Health. The procedure to request for the records here is the same, but at this level, there are two forms, and the searcher should note the form that he or she would download, because while the formal requisites when requesting for certified copies are in force and effect, a request form for an informational copy could not be used to request for a certified copy and vice versa, and this is even if the formal requisites are complied with. The required fee is also fifteen dollars.

Over the past few years, marriage records had also became available online through the use of online databases. Fast, more efficient, and easy to both locate and use, these online database depend on the internet, which means that they could be used from the home of the user without the need to go out and fall in line.

Marriage Records San Joaquin County
The steps given below must be followed when requesting for records at the local level

  • From the website of the office of the clerk-recorder, procure the necessary application form
  • Fill up the application form. Requests for certified copies must comply with the formal requirements.
  • Determine your required fee
  • Make a money order or check to answer for the same. Multiple requests require only one money order or check, so long as they answer for all required fees.
  • Send the requirements to the office for processing

San Joaquin County Marriage License Records

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