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San Francisco County Marriage Records

Marriage is a status that is binding upon the whole world. No matter where a person goes, the fact that he or she is married would always follow him or her. Countries from all around the world would generally recognize the marriage of a couple even if the marriage was not celebrated within their jurisdiction, and there is a good reason for this. Rights and obligations, after all, flow from a valid marriage, and most of the time, these rights and obligations bind the whole world. While there is always a presumption of marriage, sometimes, it is necessary to be able to prove the same; hence the reason for existence of marriage records such as San Francisco County Marriage Records.

There are always people who are requesting for copies of Marriage Records San Francisco County, and this demand made such records as public records. However, owing to the fact that public records are afforded great respect when it comes to their authenticity, the only type of marriage record copies that could be used for official proceedings, certified copies, are only available to a number of persons that are included in an exclusive list provided for by law. A person who is not amongst those included in the list would have to contend themselves with informational copies, though there really is not much problem with this given that the information in both informational and certified copies are the same.
Marriage Records Solano County are public records to be sure, but there are also two kinds of marriage records, informational copies and certified copies. Although they do provide the same information, informational copies could not be used for official proceedings, indeed, as its name implies, it may only be used for informational purposes. Certified copies could be used for official proceedings, but they are not public records in the senses that they are available to every person who would request for them. This is because certified copies are only available to a person who is included in an exclusive list that has been provided for by law.

County Marriage Records San Francisco

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Both informational and certified copies of San Francisco County Marriage License Records are available from the office of the recorder. The official custodian of all public records within the county, however, has a set of procedure that must first be followed before such a record would be released. The first step is for the searcher to decide which method he or she is going to use in making his or her request. This is because there are two methods at this office, and the first is requesting for the records in person. An in-person request would require the searcher to show in person at the office and make the request there. This is, by far, the simpler procedure, but of course it means that the searcher should first go to the office, and there might not be enough time on the part of the searcher to do that. The second method, asking for the records through mail, would require the searcher to first download the relevant form from the website of the recorder and to fill up the same. Note the formal requisites necessary when requesting for certified copies. These are indispensible and must be complied with otherwise the request would be denied. For both types, the required fee is fifteen dollars, and when requesting for the records through mail, a money order or a check to answer for the same should accompany the request form.

The California Department of Public Health also provides for Marriage Records California. The procedure to request for the same is the same as the procedure at the local level when requesting for the records through mail. Note, however, that the website has two types of forms, and the searcher should take note of the form that he or she intends to use as they are different. Again, the formal requisites apply, and the required fee, which must be answered for using a money order or a check, is fifteen dollars.

For those who require the records as soon as possible, the best method would be to search for the records online using online databases. There are a number of such databases that could be of much use to the searcher, and because they are dependent on the internet, they could be used from the home of the searcher. They are also faster, more efficient, and most of them do not even charge anything for the use of their services.

Marriage Records San Francisco County
Follow the procedures given below when requesting for marriage records at the office of the recorder

  • Decide first if you would request for the records in person or through mail
  • A request for records in person would require you to follow this procedure
  • Head over to the office of the recorder
  • Inform the clerk on duty of your intent to request for marriage records, you should be directed to the records division
  • At the records division, you would be given an application form which you must then fill up.
  • Once done, submit the application form. The clerk would ask you if you intend to request for certified copies or informational copies.
  • For requests for informational copies, you would be asked to make a sworn statement detailing your qualifications and the form would have to be notarized. Note that this is not applicable in requests for informational copies.
  • The records that you had requested for would be made available the same day.

A request for records through mail would require you to follow the following procedure

  • Download the relevant request form from the office of the recorder
  • Complete the application form. Note the formal requisites which must be complied with when requesting for certified copies.
  • Determine your required fee and make either a money order or a check to answer for the same.
  • Send all requirements to the office for processing

San Francisco County Marriage License Records

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