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San Diego County Marriage Records

It is the fact that people often request records that these records became important, and when one looks at the reason why people ask for records, one could see that the keeping of records is indispensible. After all, records, especially official records, are sometimes the best method of proving something, and marriage, being an important event from which some rights, duties, responsibilities, and obligations, flow is something that must usually be proven before it could be considered as a source of those rights. This is the reason why marriage records, like San Diego County Marriage Records exist in the first place.

Most records kept by the government are classified as public records, and while informational copies of Marriage Records San Diego County are indeed public records, meaning, they could be requested for by anyone, certified copies of the same are not. Certified copies are only available to a select number of people, and all of them are identified in an exclusive list provided for by law. For those who are not part of this list, they could only request for informational copies, but one must note that even if the two are differently classified, and they have their own limitations, informational and certified copies provide the exact same information.

County Marriage Records San Diego

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Despite this difference in classification, both types of copies of San Diego County Marriage License Records may be obtained from the same sources. One of these sources is the office of the county recorder, who also doubles as the county clerk. There are two methods that could be used at this level, requesting for the records either in person or through mail. A request for records in person would require the searcher to personally go to the office of the clerk-recorder and make the request there. There are procedures that must be followed, but they are relatively simple, and if they are complied with, the requested for records would be released at the same day. A request through mail would require the searcher to first get the relevant form from the website of the recorder and accomplish the same. In order to be sure that the person making the requests is one of those identified in the list, a sworn statement to that effect must be appended to the completed application form, and the same form must be notarized before it is sent to the office for processing. Both requests in person and through mail would require fifteen dollars per record requested as the standard fee.

California Marriage Records may also be obtained from the California Department of Public Health, a state level organization. At this level, requests could not be made in person because the department has no desk to facilitate the same. Therefore, requests at this level would have to be through mail, and as with the local level, the procedure starts with the searcher first downloading the relevant form from the website of the department and accomplishing the same. Note that because there are two forms, the searcher should be careful as to the form that he or she would download as a request form for a certified copy could not be used to request for an informational copy or vice versa. Also, the formal requisites for a certified copy request must also be complied with. The required fee is also fifteen dollars per record and should accompany the accomplished request form either as a money order or as a check.

For those who require the record as fast as possible, the best method would probably be to search for the records online through the use of online databases. Now, there are a number of these databases available, and this means that they are relatively easy to find, most are even easier to use. Online databases depend upon the internet, so this means that not only could the user use the databases from the comfort of his home, he or she would have access to a database that provides the results using a faster and more efficient platform. Most of these databases are also not limited to a single geographic location when it comes to their files, and most actually do not charge anything for their services.

Marriage Records San Diego County
The procedure to follow when requesting for records at the office of the clerk-recorder is provided below

  • Acquire the relevant form from the website of the office of the clerk-recorder
  • Once you have the form, fill up the same, providing the information requested for.
  • Note that requests for certified records would require the fulfillment of the formal requisites as well.
  • Determine your required fee and make either a money order form or a check to answer for the same. Never send actual money to the office of the recorder.
  • Send the accomplished form along with all other requirements to the office for processing.
  • Usual processing time is between two to ten days. You would be informed if there would be delays.

San Diego County Marriage License Records

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