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Sacramento County Marriage Records

Perhaps one of the happiest events in the life of a person would be the day that he or she would get married, but one must note that not because two people are in love, they would be married right away. Aside from the usual ups and downs in a relationship that we have come to expect from glamorized love stories shown in the media, one must also take into consideration the fact that governments are involved in marriages, not as a party to the same, but as a sort of regulating agent, because marriages creates new statuses, rights, duties, responsibilities, and obligations not only for the couple who would be married, but also third persons, and even those who are not yet born. The records that the government would collect would become part of a collection of records, such as the Sacramento County Marriage Records.

Marriage records are public records, but like all copies of marriage records, copies of Marriage Records Sacramento County are classified either as informational or certified copies, and while the two types give the same information, certified copies are not public records in the sense that they are only available to a number of people that are identified by law. Informational copies are available to everyone, but unlike certified copies, they could not be used for official purposes. This is so to reduce, or even prevent, records being tampered with.

County Marriage Records Sacramento

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The first place where one could look for Sacramento County Marriage License Records would be the office of the recorder, who is also the official custodian of all recorded documents, such as marriage records, within the county. The procedure for requesting a record at this office begins with the searcher first downloading the relevant form from the website of the clerk and accomplishing the same. Note the formal requisites necessary when requesting for a certified copy. The searcher must have the form notarized and a sworn statement detailing the qualifications of the searcher must be appended to the form. These formal requisites are necessary and the non-compliance thereof would void the entire search. The next step would be to answer for the required fee of fifteen dollars per record. The only way that this could be done would be for the searcher to attach either a money order or a check to answer for the same. Money must never be sent to the office. Once all requirements are complied with, the final step would be to send the request form and all other requirements to the office for processing. This would usually take anywhere between two to ten days, unless there are compelling reasons, though in such a case, the office would inform the searcher right away.

Free California Marriage Records may be obtained online through the use of online databases. The fact that they are free comes from the fact that most of these online databases do not charge anything at all. Despite this, the information provided by these databases are the same as those in the various government offices and databases. In addition, these online databases are internet based, which means that not only could they be used from the homes of the user, but also that they are faster and more efficient.

Marriage Records Sacramento County
The procedure at the office of the clerk-recorder is given below

  • From the website of the clerk-recorder, download the relevant form
  • Accomplish the form. Take note of the formal requisites and comply with them if they are required. Noncompliance thereof would void the search.
  • Determine your required fee and make either a money order or a check to answer for the same.
  • Send all the requirements to the office for processing

Sacramento County Marriage License Records

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