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Ross County Marriage Records

The Probate Court in Ross was able to index the Ross County marriage records from 1789 up to present. Imagine how huge the database it has created over the year of update and compilation. Thus, the local residents should be getting amply of details regarding the marital reports of folks living in the county. Records are preserved in the form of newspaper clippings; microfilms until there are encoded at present using the computers and other modern tools produced by the current technology. The Genealogical Society and the local Public Library also help out in giving assistance to whoever seeks a copy of the said record.

However, only the Probate Court has the authority to provide a certified copy of the marriage records Ross County for commercial and legal uses like when there is a need for you to use it in court proceedings or something. When you make a request you must be very specific as to what really is it that you wanted to obtain. You have to state how many copies you would want to retrieve and you must know how much you will be paying for and the mode of payment as well. At present, the fee to get a copy of it is $2.00 per document, plus a $.50 if you wish to have more copies of the same information.

County Marriage Records Ross

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The service rate could change over time, that’s why you must check as to whether or not there are changes with the payable fees. You can either do the checking by visiting the Probate Court’s official webpage or call the office concerned. Doing so should save you time and effort in processing your application. More so, you need to see to it that the Ross County marriage license records are leveraged righteously once you have it. If you use it to malign the reputation of other people then you will be legal charged for doing so.

You can also go to the Ohio Vital Statistics office for they also have documents of the same kind from January 1, 1954 up to present. But they don’t have the papers for the marriage licenses, only the abstracts. The original copy of it can still be obtained only before the Probate Court. Abstract means the information you get is minimal or limited in nature and therefore it cannot be utilized for court hearings or any other legal circumstances. The Ohio Historical Society is another resource you can benefit from, but the details they can give you is for genealogical research purposes only. Again, not for court uses or commercial purposes.

But the hassle is over now with the existence of the Internet and computers today. All you need to do is find a reputable online records solution to do the job for you. It is very systematic, just type in the information about the subject of interest, pay for the service fee and obtain the records in just a few minutes. The marriage records in Ohio are just within reach at home or wherever you would want it accomplished.

Marriage Records Ross County
How to get copies of marriage records in Ross:

  • Go to the County Probate Court to request the marital reports
  • Pay the fee of $2.00 plus $.50 for each additional copy
  • Be very specific when you do the request so that the staff will not be confused as to what type of record they are going to be looking for
  • State the number of copies you would want to have
  • Complete the records request form in its entirety
  • Present just one valid government-issued identification
  • Results will be delivered in 2 to 3 weeks’ time

Ross County Marriage License Records

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