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Rockland County Marriage Records

Rockland County marriage records can be possessed by anyone in the county for as long as the reason is valid and concrete. Nowadays, they have expanded the distribution areas where the locals have the opportunity to keep in touch with their town clerks. The localization of the compilation of marital documents brings so much convenience on the part of the residents who would like to search for the said records for various purposes. In other words, they no longer have to spend a lot of time making a trip all the way to the central records database located at the county or state government office.

Today, officials have officially announced that marriage records Rockland County searches should be done at the respective towns as per mandate under the Freedom of Information Law in New York. But as per the provision of the law, only the legal representative, the bride and the groom will have access to the marriage certificates. The record can only be viewed if you have consent from the court or from the owner of it or if both the owners are deceased. However, if you have a valid case to view the record that is not yours then you should appeal before the court that you need it presented before a court proceeding for instance.

County Marriage Records Rockland

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The cost to obtain a copy of it would be $10.00 per document which is already a certified marriage record which means that you can leverage it for whatever purposes it may serve. The marriage license and marriage records should be found together in one place at the town, city or village clerk’s office. You can order them both actually if you want to. Hence, you determine which place the Rockland County marriage license records were issued for they surely can give you information on marital documents.

Furthermore, if you are trying to build a family tree you should do a genealogical research to achieve your objectives. Anybody can actually do it but they are only issued with an uncertified copy of it for the amount of $22.00 per copy. It means that it cannot be used for commercial or court purposes as it does not contain all the details pertaining to the marital accounts of the couple. Thus, it serves as information only to verify as to whether or not such record is available. You only need to have valid IDs to show that you are an eligible requestor to the said marital records.

The New York marriage license records are likewise retrievable via online and offline today. But some people have found the online archives more promising these days for its quick service and the completeness of the details that they provide to the requestors. The only challenge is to find a credible online resource to do the searches for you. You only have to pay for a reasonable fee in order for you to obtain the reports that you have been seeking for. So, it is all up to you now if you search for the said records via online or do the traditional method of performing the request.

Marriage Records Rockland County
How to get a copy of a marriage record in Rockland:

  • Know which town or city the marriage license was granted
  • Visit the city clerk’s office and ask for a copy of the application form
  • Pay $10.00 per copy for a certified record and $22.00 if you are doing a genealogical search
  • You have to find out what the qualifications are so that you will know as to whether or not you have the right to do the request
  • Show a valid ID with your notarized signature and your current photo in it
  • Results are delivered in 2 to 3 weeks’ time

Rockland County Marriage License Records

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