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Riverside County Marriage Records

Perhaps one of the most important things that are being done by the government is the keeping of records, and though even the people who work with these records could say that this is boring, there could be no doubt that these records are being kept and secured for a purpose. Riverside County Marriage Records are no exemption to this rule, for, after all, a government would not waste their time in keeping something that would not be used anyway, marriage records are kept because they could be used to prove the existence of a marriage, and rights do flow from marriage, thus, a person who could claim such rights may have a need to prove that the marriage existed.

As they are public records, these marriage records are supposed to be available to anyone who would request for them and who had complied with the prescribed procedure, but copies of Marriage Records Riverside County, like all marriage records, are classified either as informational or certified copies, and only informational copies are available to the public at all times. This is because certified copies could be used for official purposes, and if the same is tampered with, it could result to some confusion and chaos. The fact that only informational copies are available should not be of a big deal, however, given that informational and certified copies do present the same information.

County Marriage Records Riverside

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A request for either a certified or an informational copy of a marriage record would have to follow certain procedures and these are different for every office or agency where the request would be made. A request for Riverside County Marriage License Record, however, generally begins at the local level, which means the office of the clerk-recorder. There are two steps that may be chosen when one is requesting for records at this level. The first would be to ask in person, and while this is simpler as the person would only have to show up at the office and follow the instructions that would be given to him, it would also require the person to be there in the first place. The other step would be to request for the records through mail, and this is done by first downloading the required application form from the website of the office of the recorder. Note that there are formal requisites that must be complied with when requesting for certified copies, but there are none for informational copies. Once these requisites are complied with and the application form is accomplished, the final step would be to send all the requirements to the office for processing, accompanied either by a money order or check to answer for the required fee of fifteen dollars per copy.

Public Marriage Records California is also available from the California Department of Public Health, a state level agency. The procedure here starts with the searcher first downloading the relevant request form online from the website of the department. Note that there are two forms here, so the searcher should note the form that he or she is downloading. All the formal requisites also apply when one is going to request for a certified copy of a record. The finals step, after all requisites are complied with and the forms accomplished, would be to send the forms to the department for processing, again, they must be accompanied by a money order or check to answer for the required fee.

Of course, if the searcher requires the records as fast as possible, the best place to do the search would be from the home of the searcher through the use of the internet and online databases. These databases provide the same information as the various government offices and agencies, but most of them provide this information for free, and because they are internet searches, they are faster and more efficient.

Marriage Records Riverside County
For requests at the state level, follow the procedure given below

  • Visit the website of the California Department of Public Health and download the relevant form
  • Note that there are two forms here, so be careful when downloading the form.
  • Accomplish the form
  • Note that there are formal requisites that must be complied with when the request is for certified copies.
  • Determine your required fee and answer for the same
  • This could be done either through a check or money order. Never send cash through mail to the department.
  • The department shall then process your request form and get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Usually, this would take anywhere between three to twenty days.

Riverside County Marriage License Records

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