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Richmond County Marriage Records

The Office of the Richmond County Clerk is commissioned by law to be the official repository for all the legal and vital records including the Richmond County marriage records. As a matter of fact, the appointment to such office had been given since 1683 to be the Chief Recording Officer, the oldest in the history of public officials in the county. Apart from being the county clerk, the duly elected person also functions the duties of the County Court Clerk and as the commissioner of the Jurors. More so, he is the County Register. Aside from doing all the recordings, the office is also tasked to collect filing fees, fines, taxes and revenues.

Another specific role of the county clerk is to maintain historical archives. Hence, they do not only compile the marriage records Richmond County, they are also authorized to conduct wedding ceremonies and oaths of office. The Clerk aims to make their office very useful for public service offering timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. At first, they are only providing manual services for those who come to the office and request for the marital documents. It was manageable at first, but as time went by more and more requests came in. At this point, it has to be done online in order to produce more results quicker and simpler.

County Marriage Records Richmond

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The recording fees depend on what type of record you are pursuing for. However, the general recording fee is $10.00 per copy. For a certified marriage record it costs $2.00 per page. If you need to have more copies, you are going to pay an extra amount of $2.00 for each. But for those who are going to use the report for genealogical purposes only will no longer pay the said fees. Only the certified copies of Richmond County Marriage License Records will be subjected for the corresponding rates. Thus, when you make a request you must clarify as to what it is for so that they will know whether or not they would charge you for a certain fee.

For the ones who will be submitting their applications by mail must have the form filled out completely. It can be downloaded online through the clerk’s official website. Prior to mailing it, the filled out form must be notarized for formality sake, otherwise, the office concerned will not honor it or will not process it at all. If you live close to the county clerk then you can simply visit the office and do the request in person. The request can also be done through phone or by fax, it is all up to you as to which option you would like to do.

As for the requesting party, he or she must bring in some personal documents showing some proofs of legal residency. It will gauge as to whether or not you are eligible to do the request. In recent times, doing the search on New York marriage records is viable through the Internet. You don’t have to step out of your house just to do the lookup today. Just find a reliable online records alternative to supply you with the data you are seeking for. It is very convenience since you can simply do it at any time and wherever you may be at.

Marriage Records Richmond County
How to request for the marriage records in Richmond:

  • Go to the County Clerk office to request for the marriage records
  • Pay a fee of $2.00 per copy, plus another $2.00 if you wanted to produce more copies
  • Fill-out the form completely, it can be downloaded on the web or you can visit the office in person and ask for it
  • When you do a mail request you must have the form notarized by an attorney or else your application will just be rejected
  • If the said record is utilized for genealogical purposes then you don’t have to pay for it, only when requesting for a certified copy which you can use for commercial or for legal proceedings like when being used during court trials
  • The results are usually completed in 2 to 3 weeks business days

Richmond County Marriage License Records

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