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Rhode Island Marriage Records

In the state of Rhode Island, marriage records are public records by law. Everyone has the right to access and use such information for legitimate purposes. The Rhode Island State Department of Health (DOH) is responsible for marriage information dated from January 1853 onwards. Results can also be acquired from the city and town office where the marriage license was issued and is quicker in most cases. Records of marriages in Rhode Island before 1850 are listed in the International Genealogical Index located at the Family History Library and Family History Centers. Duplicates of marriage documents from 1853 to 1964 can be obtained from the Rhode Island State Records Center. Files for marriages before that were kept by the town clerks as far back as the 1630s.

Rhode Island Marriage Records from the DOH costs $20.00 per copy. Additional copies of the same record costs $15.00 each. Requests can be made in person or by mail. The State Office of Vital Records accepts cash, check or money order but not cash in the case of mail requests. Checks or money orders should be made payable to General Treasurer, State of Rhode Island. Debit/credit card payments are not available. For city or town clerk requests, payments should be made directly to the local office. All requests must be accompanied by a photocopy of the applicant’s valid ID.

Marriage Records Rhode Island

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Rhode Island Department of Health contact info:

Address: Vital Records
3 Capitol Hill Room101
Providence RI 02908-5097

Telephone: (401)-277-2812

Rhode Island Marriage License Public Records

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