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Queens County Marriage Records

The documentation and release of Queens County marriage records takes place in the office of the County Clerk as mandated by the Supreme Court in New York. They have created a dedicated office called the Records Search Department to particularly cater all the requests pertaining to the marital reports of the people who were duly registered within the county. The residents will be able to obtain documents from way back 1992 up to present by either performing the manual search or by using an online databases which is now offered by the local government for better access among the public requestors.

The request can be done by appearing in person at the office concerned, however, there is a specific requirement as to who only can execute the Marriage Records Queens County request. As per the existing laws in New York, only the following can do the search including the owner of the record, legal representative or if you are given the authority by the court to retrieve a copy of it even if it is not yours. Fees will have to be paid to the Queens County Clerk. Mode of payment will be through U.S. portal money order, certified check, or NYS attorney’s check. Personal checks will not be honored. If you have to mail your request you make sure that submit it using a self-addressed, stamped envelope and will be addressed to the County Clerk’s office.

County Marriage Records Queens

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Today, acquiring a copy of Queens County marriage license records can also be accomplished via Internet or telephone you just have to choose which one is more convenient for you to go through. But if you still want to proceed by taking the manual procedure then you must prepare the following documents which include a driver’s license, non-driver photo ID card, passport, U.S. military issued photo I.D. or the utility or telephone bills, or a letter from a government agency dated within the last six months. If you have all these papers then you should be good to go, the office concerned will certainly go ahead and process your application.

Just a heads up for those who will be doing a mail request that the processing time could take 2 to 4 weeks at most. If you go online using the County’s database the turn-around time would be 5 to 10 business days. However, if you really wanted the records immediately then you must pay an extra fee of $15.00 so they can send it to you by UPS overnight delivery. The regular fee is actually $45.00 per copy, plus $8.00 per transaction. If you want more government resources to assist you in your searches you can as well visit the Vital Records at the Department of Health office.

Over time, locating these marriage records New York is a lot more hassle-free with the existence of the advanced technology that people today. Yes, searches on this type of record can be done even outside the typical records agencies. You just have to pick which one is trustworthy and which one holds such credible sources or data of what you are looking for. It is very convenient in the sense that you no longer have to go outside your home but just stay and start searching on your computer for the documents which you are seeking for.

Marriage Records Queens County
How to obtain a copy of the marriage records in Queens:

  • The County Clerk’s office is designated to be the main repository for the marital reports
  • Ask for the records request form so you can begin the entire process of doing the search
  • The request can be done via three ways including by phone, mail or in person
  • Mail requests could take 2 to 4 weeks to proceeds for the amount of $45.00 as the service charge
  • Phone request would take 5 to 10 business days for the records to be delivered to you for the regular fee of $45.00 per copy, you will pay another $8.00 per transaction
  • Paper documents required include a driver’s license, passport, U.S. military issued photo ID or a utility or phone bills
  • You certainly can do the search on this type of record, just visit the County Clerk’s office for details

Queens County Marriage License Records

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  • Records Search Department
  • Queens Library
  • Bar Association
  • Public Administrator
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