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Putnam County Marriage Records

All the town clerk offices in Putnam have been commissioned by law to perform the updating of Putnam County marriage records. It means that when you want to have a copy of it you simply find out which town or village the couple got married for that is where they can technically request for the said legal documents. However, you cannot view such records when they have not reached 50 years yet, they only become viewable or available to public if a certain marital record is 50 years old and above already. It can be retrieved but you will have to ask permission from the owner or the court itself if it is less than the specified number of years.

The request on marriage records Putnam County can be can be done through mail or walk-in procedure. There will be an application form which you will have to complete in its entirety. Such form is downloadable via the town clerk’s official website or you can ask for it in person at the office. To initiate the search you must be able to provide the personal documents of yourself showing that you are indeed a legitimate citizen in Putnam. Otherwise, the staff will not begin processing your request even if your reason is very valid.

County Marriage Records Putnam

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These are the acceptable documents which you can use when presenting your case at the clerk’s office. You procure just one of the following documents including a driver’s license, non-driver photo-ID card, passport or a U.S. military issued photo-ID. If you don’t have any of them the other option would be to secure copy of utility or telephone bills and ask for a letter from a government agency that is dated within the last 6 months. You are not only going to obtain the marital records but also the Putnam County marriage license records in which the history of one’s record begins.

More so, the respective town clerk agencies have different service rates but usually the fee for running a check is $10.00 per certified copy of the marital files. Most of the time you would need to hire a lawyer to do the request for you more especially if the record is going to be presented in court to be used in an on-going trial. The most important thing is that you abide by the rules and regulations implemented by the Records office in the pursuit of the said official records. If you don’t comply on things then expect that you will get what you wanted for.

The residents in Putnam nowadays have the chance to do an online search rather than doing the regular search which is done at the clerk’s office. This modern alternative to requesting the marriage records New York comes with great convenience as you no longer have to do the paperwork. You only have to find a reliable internet records resource so you can get started with the search. It is totally paperless; it comes with a fee and is really worth doing a few steps over the web. In this case, you will be able to acquire the data for urgent needs and purposes.

Marriage Records Putnam County
How to get a copy of marriage record in Putnam:

  • Visit the county clerk or the town clerk office where the couple got married
  • Download the application form so you can begin the request
  • Make sure you fill out the form completely otherwise the staff will not process your application
  • The request can only be done through mail or in-person
  • For mail requests you should be able to place it in a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Find out whether or not the town clerk office would require your application to be notarized first before sending it to their office
  • The fee costs $10.00 per certified copy
  • Results are usually delivered in 2 to 3 weeks

Putnam County Marriage License Records

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