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Portage County Marriage Records

The Portage County marriage records are archived in the county for many years already which started in the 18th century, more specifically in 1808. They began doing the documentation through newspaper clippings and other platforms just to make sure that the present and future generations to come will have something to check on whenever it is necessary to do so. They had in alphabetical card index system, showing the groom’s last name and the bride’s maiden name. Today, the County Probate Court takes full responsibility for the archival of the said legal reports.

Before 1898, they were able to include names, date of ceremony, the person performing the marriage, and the couple’s address. Since then, they included the age, date and place of birth, residence, occupation, parents’ names and previous marriages. It shows its history as to how it evolves over time. The marriage records Portage County indeed can be produced through the available government resources nowadays. But the main resource for it would be the Probate Court as it is now the central repository for marital reports at the county level. Yes, it is now much easier for you no longer have to travel all the way to Ohio’s Records Center.

County Marriage Records Portage

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Anybody in Portage can absolutely acquire copies of the Portage County marriage license records for it is mandated by law to have such documents disposed to public for legitimate purposes. But, you should be the rightful owner of the record in order for you to do the request. If not, then you should seek permission from the real owner of the document or ask for consent before the officiating court. But the procedure is not that easy, you will go through a lot of questions thrown at you and your application will be thoroughly reviewed by the court for security measures.

The fee to get a copy of the marriage record is $2.00 per document; you will pay for more if you wish to get more copies of it. Also, you must present a valid ID for you to be given permission to perform the search. The ID will serve as your proof that you are a legitimate citizen in Portage and that you are eligible to conduct the search.

Today, searching for the Ohio marriage records should no longer take that long. In fact, it can be done at home or wherever you want it completed provided that you have access to the Internet. All you have to do this time is type in the basic information about the person of interest to be able to get the results in an instant. How is that possible? The most important step would be to find a very reliable online resource which possesses the reports related to marriage. This is a good modern option if you want immediate results. You do not only benefit fast acquisition of the said records but generate a quality and comprehensive data on such marital reports which you can utilize for any legitimate purposes.

Marriage Records Portage County
How to get a copy of a marriage record in Portage:

  • Visit the office of the County Probate Court to initiate the search
  • Ask for a copy of the request form, you can do it by downloading the form online or pick it up from the office
  • All the details being asked on the form must be filled in or else you will not get a complete result of your searches
  • The fee is $2.00 per document
  • Results will be delivered in 2 to 3 business weeks

Portage County Marriage License Records

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