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Placer County Marriage Records

Marriage is something that affects not only the people who are parties to the marriage, but also third persons and the world. It is also something that affects not only the generation of those who are parties to the marriage, but even those who would come after them, especially considering that there is a likely possibility that the marriage would contribute to the growth of the generation that comes after it. When one takes this into consideration, one could see the reason why Placer County Marriage Records, like every other marriage record, are some of the most requested for records.

It is precisely because of the requirements of the public for Marriage Records Placer County that they became public records. Note, however, that the classification of public records for marriage records apply only with informational copies, as certified copies of marriage records are restricted only to the people whom the law identified in an exclusive list. Informational copies and certified copies, however, provide the same information; it is just that informational copies could not be used for official proceedings.

County Marriage Records Placer

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A person who would like to request for Placer County Marriage License Records would first request for the records at the local level, which means the office of the clerk-recorder. There are three different procedures that a person could use when requesting at this level. The first would be to make the request through mail. This would entail the searcher first downloading and accomplishing an application form. The application form would have to be notarized and a sworn statement attached thereto when the request is for a certified copy. A request through mail would require the searcher to also attach a money order or a check to the application form to answer for the required fee which is fifteen dollars per record. Once all of this is done, the searcher could then send the application form to the office for processing. The second procedure would be to make the request in person. This would require the searcher to appear at the office in person and make the request there. Although simpler and more straight forward, it would require the searcher to travel to the office in the first place.

California Marriage License Records are also available through the third method in the office of the recorder. This method is to request for the records through the phone. This would require the searcher to contact the office of the recorder via phone and to make the request there. The operator would typically ask the searcher some information about the record, and the searcher should supply the answer as accurately as possible. Payment for the record would be made through credit card, and if the request is for a certified copy, a sworn statement would have to be faxed to the office, reflecting the relationship of the person making the request to the parties to the marriage, or the fact that he or she are amongst those in the exclusive list provided for by law that is allowed to request for certified copies.

Of course, it is also possible to request for marriage records online, but this is done through online databases that are mostly privately owned. This is because the government has little online databases that could be of assistance in this endeavor. Private databases, however, do provide the same information as the government databases, but most of them provide their services for free. As internet searches, using these databases are faster, more efficient, and could be conducted from the home of the user.

Marriage Record Placer County
A request for marriage records in the local level through phone is conducted following the procedure given below

  • Contact the office of the recorder via their telephone number
  • Inform the operator on the other end that you would like to request for marriage records.
  • The operator would then direct you to another operator, a member of the records division, who would ask you to supply the following information
  • The type of record
  • Date of event or recording of the same
  • Name on the certificate or document
  • Credit card information
    • Note that if you are requesting for certified copies, you would have to fax a sworn statement to the office, reflecting your qualifications to request for certified copies.
    • The credit card information is necessary to answer for the required fee
  • Once all of this information is given, the clerk would begin the process to search for the record and would give you the estimated time that the search would require.
  • Wait for the records to be delivered to your home. Usually, this would take anywhere between three to ten days.

Placer County Marriage License Records

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