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Onondaga County Marriage Records

Onondaga County marriage records can be obtained only at the municipal clerk’s office where the marriage license was granted. The laws and constitution of New York has mandated the county clerk to keep all the legal local documents for the consumption of the general public. The Health Department based in Onondaga is also authorized to provide marital data but for general information only and not for official uses. Doing a request on the said reports can be accomplished via mail or in person only, so you choose which one is more handy on your end to perform.

Marriage records Onondaga County can only be publicly viewed when they are over 50 years old already. If it has not reached that length of years yet, then the requestors will need approval from the direct owners of the record and permission of the court when the owners are not available anymore in the case when they are dead already. If the reason for conducting the application is valid and reasonable then the officiating court shall have no choice but to grant the request given the reasons presented by the records applicants. In other words, there must be proper authorization from the important parties to be able to proceed with the search.

County Marriage Records Onondaga

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One significant note, one has to be specific as to what the request is for if whether or not it is for if it is for genealogical purposes only or if it is being used for official or legal consumption. The certified copies of Onondaga County Marriage License Records are the only ones being paid for by the requestors at an amount of $10.00 per document. If it is just for information purposes only then it comes with no cost. Church records are also able to assist you when trying to get some more details about a certain marriage report. You just have to know the personal particulars of the wedded couple, the date and the location of the church where the ceremony was held.

Meaning to say, you can only go to the County Clerk’s office when in need for marital reports and licenses. You need to have your mail application notarized first before you submit it to the office concerned. Also, you got to identify yourself as a legitimate resident of the county for you to be allowed to do the actual search. The details of the marital record include the complete names of the wedded couple, age at time of marriage, church where it was held, county where it transpired, date of marriage, name of the officiating minister or priest, and the other particulars of both parties.

Today, the marriage records New York can be ordered over the web through a reputable online-based records solution. It is a modern option which allows applicants to have a very handy experience on requesting for legal documents. It is essentially helpful during urgent needs like when it is used for court and other legal proceedings. So, you now have a digital solution to make your searches even much easier and uncomplicated to go through when in need of such legal documents.

Marriage Records Onondaga County
How the marital records in Onondaga are requested today:

  • Visit the municipal clerk’s office and start doing the process
  • Pay an amount of $10.00 for a certified copy, another $2.00 if you are requesting for more copies
  • The County’s Department of Health can also provide you with the marriage records but for genealogical purposes only and it is going to be free of charge
  • The church can also help you with your searches, just find out which church did the wedding occur and provide the basic particulars of the wedded couple before the church recorder
  • Make sure you have all the government-issued IDs with you to comply with the existing requirements of the said county
  • Processing time would be from 2 to 3 weeks

Onondaga County Marriage License Records

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