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New York City Marriage Records

New York City assures the public that its government will take care of their demands more especially in the aspect of retrieving the vital records such as the New York City marriage records. Well, it is very easy to obtain one if the record is yours, the not so easy part would be when you need to request somebody else marital reports as your legal reference to know the truth about something. It is a lengthy process as a matter of fact, but it is worth going through the steps for you will eventually grab the records after all and use it for whatever purposes you may have in mind.

The New York City Clerk’s office is the place to be for any requests related to the acquisition of Marriage Records New York City. However, if your location is too far from the said office the local government will still cater your application by submitting your request by mail. To start off you call the office concerned to ask for the records form or see where you can download it from so you can do it on your own at home. The form contains all the pertinent details about the person of interest and your information as the requesting party. It should be filled out completely or else the staff will not process your request. Also, when you submit it by mail it must come with your valid identification and the fee that is required of you.

County Marriage Records New York

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For those who can just walk all the way to the clerk’s office may do the request in person. Records are available from 1996 up to present while older records from 1930 to 1995 can be retrieved only at the Record Room Division which is based in Manhattan. But as mentioned earlier, it is kind of a tricky process to obtain a marriage record when it is not yours. You need to go through the legal steps before you eventually get the New York City Marriage License Records you need. If somebody wants to have a copy of your marriage record then you must authorize that person to do the request. An original consent letter signed by you is a must. Also, it must be notarized to make it appear official.

If you want the services of your legal representative to get the records for you then your attorney must prepare all the necessary paper work to be able for him to have access to such records. A valid reason is the most crucial factor for the clerk of court to issue you the said record. It becomes valid when for example you need such documents as evidence in an on-going trial or court proceeding. And then, you would need a valid New York State Secure Pass or a business card with matching proper identification. The payment will be in the form of a credit card, attorney’s check, or money order payable to the city clerk.

Today New York State marriage records are just a few clicks away from the local residents with the aid of some online tools. But you can just find one legitimate online records provider over the web that will assist you in your quest to reclaim or request for the marriage documents. With this digital option, searches can be done in no time plus it is hassle-free because you no longer have to deal with all the paper work and everything. So, it is now up to you as to which process you would want to follow through.

Marriage Records New York County
How to obtain a copy of marriage record in New York City:

  • Contact or visit the County Clerk of Court for the local records that you are looking for
  • You need to present the consent letter signed by the owner of the record before the records office
  • A regular request would include filling out of the request form which you can ask from the clerk’s office or download through their official webpage
  • You must get ready to present some personal documents about yourself as the requesting party to show that you are a legitimate citizen in New York
  • If you are a lawyer and you need such type of documents then you can be allowed if it will be necessary in court proceedings as evidence
  • The regular fee to acquire a copy of a marriage record would be $35.00
  • Processing time could take a week depending on how much information you are requesting for

New YorkCounty Marriage License Records

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