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New Hampshire Marriage Records

The Division of Vital Records at the New Hampshire Department of State is the official state repository of vital records. This huge library holds millions of document files, among them New Hampshire Marriage Records filed as far back as 1640. Since 1883, policies regulating information retrieved from this office were officially put in place. More recently, a number of cities or towns in New Hampshire operate the NHVRIN (Vital Records Automated software) for marriages from 1989 onwards, a real-time web-based software to look at de-identified Vital Records for statistical data. Copies of Marriage Records may also be obtained from the City or Town Clerk at the place where the event occurred or the license registered.

All accounts for marriages in New Hampshire are considered public information after 50 years. That means Marriage Records prior to 1962 are available to any member of the public with unrestricted access. Newer marriages can only be obtained by the registrants and those who show a direct and tangible interest in the document. Applicants must submit a written request and photo ID with the signature of the requestor or notarized assignment of access from the registrant authorizing non-direct or tangibly related individual access and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Currently, links to specific websites are also available on the Internet that can access a comprehensive list and photos of marriages that occurred in New Hampshire since 1637 to 1947 and an index of marriages dating from 1720 to 1920.

Marriage Records New Hamsphire

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New Hampshire Vital Records contact info:
Address: New Hampshire Department of State
Division of Vital Records Administration
71 South Fruit Street
Concord, NH 03301-2410

Telephone: 603-271-4650

The cost for a search of New Hampshire Marriage Records at the Division of Vital Records is $15.00. If a record is found, a certified copy will be issued free of charge. Additional certified copies of the same record cost $10.00 each. Payment must be made out to the Treasurer, New Hampshire. Requests can be made by mail or in person. The processing time for mail requests is 20 business days. Waiting while the request is being processed on the spot is possible for in-person requests. An even better option is the online private records providers. Their web-based services are instant, and accessible from anywhere with Internet access. The top ones are typically highly professional and very affordable. Archives is a good example. Give it a try here.