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Nassau County Marriage Records

One of the reasons that governments keep copies of records is because these records are always the best form of evidence that could be used when one seeks to prove the existence of that which is recorded. Marriage is something that could be proven by these records, hence, the need for marriage records such as Nassau County Marriage Records being kept by the government. The reason why marriage is sometimes needed to be proven lies in the fact that marriage is something that establishes rights and obligations to the person who is married, and more often than not, that is a right and obligation that the whole world is bound to observe.

It is for this reason that Marriage Records Nassau County are being requested for. They are used in both public and private proceedings where the existence of the marriage and the validity of the same is something that is relevant to the resolution of the proceeding. Commonly, this would mean public proceeding involving family law such as adoption and divorce, but of course, the use of such records are not limited merely to such proceedings as was stated before, they could be used in any proceeding, public or private, where the existence and the validity of the marriage is relevant.

County Marriage Records Nassau

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