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Nacogdoches County Marriage Records

Status is something that follows the person no matter where said person may go. Status also attaches upon a person certain rights and obligations that are binding upon the whole world. There are very few things that could change the status of a person. One of those things would be marriage. The need to prove the existence of marriage is one of the reasons why marriage records, such as Nacogdoches County Marriage Records are important, because these are the official records of the marriage and, thus, are the best evidence that could be used in order to prove the existence of the marriage and allow the person or couple who is claiming said status the right or obligation that is being prayed for.

Marriage Records Nacogdoches County are public records that are supposed to be available to the public at all times. This means that no matter what the reason is, if the request followed the required procedure, the records would be released. Marriage records are also under the presumption of regularity of records, which means that the records are presumed to be accurate and truthful because the person who made the record was doing his or her job regularly. This means that the information on the face of the record would be accepted at face value at any proceeding, and the person who would claim that the information is false would have the burden of proving the same.

Marriage Records Nacogdoches County

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Copies of Nacogdoches County Marriage License Records are available only from one source, the office of the county clerk. Note, however, that the county clerk would only have copies of records for marriages that were solemnized and celebrated within the territorial jurisdiction of the county. It is thus, important to know where the marriage was solemnized and celebrated, and if the person who wants to make the request cannot be certain, he or she could request for a verification letter from the Vital Statistics Unit of the Department of State Health Services. The procedure is relatively simple as it is requests through mail. Note that when the application form is sent to the department, it should already be accompanied by the required fee in the form of a money order or check. The required fee is twenty dollars. Finally, note that some jurisdictions would consider a verification letter as conclusive evidence of the existence of the marriage, and, of course, the opposite is also true, as these same jurisdictions would often consider the fact that there is no verification letter as conclusive evidence of the absence of marriage.

Copies of Texas Marriage License Public Records may only be obtained from the office of the county clerk, and the procedure starts with the person who wants to make the request first writing a letter of request addressed to the county clerk. Note that while there is no template to follow, as much information regarding the record should be included in the letter. If possible, attach the verification letter as well. The actual processing time of the request would depend on a number of circumstances, most of which are outside the control of the person making the request. Note that the copies of the marriage records would not be released unless the required copying fee had been paid.

Online databases also constitute another source of marriage records. these databases are faster and more efficient than the more traditional sources, and they could also be accessed from just about anywhere where there is an internet connection. Finally, most of these databases only charge the most minimum of fees for the use of their services.

Marriage Records Nacogdoches County
The following is the procedure that must be followed when making a request for a copy of a marriage record.

  • Write a letter of request addressed to the county clerk.
  • Include as much information as possible in said letter. If possible attach a copy of the verification letter received from the Vital Statistics Unit
  • Send the letter and all other attachments to the Office of the County Clerk
  • Wait for the letter to be processed. This would depend on a number of factors that are mostly independent of you.
  • The copies would then be issued to you after you had been advised to pay the required copying fee and had actually paid the same.

Nacogdoches County Marriage License Records

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