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Montgomery County Marriage Records

The importance of marriage records, such as Montgomery County Marriage Records, could not be understood until one realizes that marriage records are the official records of a marriage, thus, are always going to be the best evidence that one could present in order to prove the existence of the marriage. Indeed, there are some jurisdictions that would consider the mere affidavit that there is a marriage record as conclusive proof of the existence of the marriage just as they would accept an affidavit that there is no marriage record to be found as proof that there is no marriage at all.

Marriage Records Montgomery County are important because they are evidence of the marriage, and marriage sometimes needs to be proven because there are some effects of the same that binds the whole world as much as it binds the couple who got married. Certain rights and obligations attaches upon the couple upon marriage, and these are rights and obligations that the whole world is bound to observe and could demand even if they are not even aware of the existence of the marriage. In addition, marriage is something that follows the person no matter where he or she may go, even if the person is outside the jurisdiction of the authority that gave the marriage license in the first place.

County Marriage Records Montgomery

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Copies of Montgomery County Marriage License Records are available only from one source, and that would be the source that had first authorized and issued the license, which would be the probate court. It is but natural, given their authority, that the records division of the probate court has copies of the marriage records in question. Of course, one must remember that the local probate court would only have records of marriages that were celebrated within the jurisdiction of the court. This means that it is important for the person who would request for copies to be aware where the marriage was solemnized. There are two procedures that one could follow when requesting for copies of marriage records, and these would either be requesting for the records through mail or in person. A request in person is given to be faster and more efficient because the records requested for would be made available at the same day, usually, and the person requesting is on hand in order to verify that the records are indeed the ones he or she is after before copies of the same would be made.

OH Marriage Records are not available at the state level, but there are some resources at this level that could be of some assistance in a search, in particular, if the searcher does not know where he or she should begin his or her search. Abstract records at the department of health could provide clues for the searcher as well as allow the staff at said department to refer the person making the search to the proper locations.

Of course, it is also possible to search for marriage records online through the use of online databases. Fast and efficient, these databases are mostly privately owned and operated, but despite this, they have access to records that are subsntally the same as that of the government, only, they provide this information for the most minimum of fees, if they actually charges fees at all.

Marriage Records Montgomery County
The procedure that must be followed when requesting for marriage records in person is given below

  • Head to the probate court and locate their records division.
  • At the records division, inform the staff of your intention to request for marriage records.
  • The staff would be on hand to assist you in your search and would ask you some questions regarding the record that you are interested in.
  • Try to answer the questions as accurately as possible in order to limit the search parameters.
  • Usually, but not always, the database would return various results, thus, you would be asked to single out the record or records that you are interested in from the results.
  • The staff would then produce the record and ask you to verify that these are the records that you want.
  • Copies of the same would be made after you had verified the records and had paid the required copying fee.
  • Present your proof of payment of the required fee before claiming your copies of the record.

Montgomery County Marriage License Records

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