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Missouri Marriage Records

Missouri is an open record state. Individuals will be able to obtain vital records of different kinds including Missouri Marriage Records. In Missouri, the Department of Health and Senior Services’ Bureau of Vital Records maintains records including birth, death, divorce and marriage. However, it’s to make note that while the Bureau maintains Marriage Records, the Recorder of Deeds Office issue copies of these records. Luckily, the office will be happy to provide requestors with the Missouri Marriage Records they need provided the marriage happened on or after July 1, 1948.

There are several different ways to obtain Missouri Marriage Records through the Recorder of Deeds Office including over the phone and through the mail. While records can be obtained in-person the location at which they can be obtained varies county to county. Additionally, it’s to make note that while birth and death record fees remain constant across counties, marriage record fees fluctuate. On that note, it is recommended that individuals seeking Missouri Marriage Records consult with the Recorder of Deeds Office via phone to inquire about what the applicable fees may be.

Marriage Records Missouri

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Obtaining Missouri Marriage Records through the phone is by far the easiest of the listed methods. All one needs to do is phone the Recorder of Deeds Office complete with a credit card and required information. As is usually the case, this required information includes, but is not limited to, the names of those in the marriage, the location at which the marriage took place, the date on which the marriage took place, the relation of the requestor to those in the marriage and the reason for which the request is being made.

While the Recorder of Deeds Office does accept requests made via mail the wait times associated along with the ease of simply phoning the office make this method impractical. Those who wish to go ahead with it are asked to provide the above mentioned information along with applicable fees made via check or money order to the Recorder of Deeds Office. Due to the fluctuation between counties, wait times will differ. Again, before going along with this method it’s best to phone of the Recorder of Deeds Office to make sure all necessary fees and information is included with the mailed-in request.

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Vital Statistics Office contact info:
Address: Recorder of Deeds Office
City Hall
1200 Market Street, Room 127
St. Louis, MO 63103
Phone: (314) 613-3016

Missouri in particular provides quite the hassle for individuals seeking Marriage Records. While they do allow individuals to phone the Recorder of Deeds Office, not only do the applicable fees vary from county to county but the list of required information does as well. Due to this, many individuals are flocking to online service providers. These online providers take the hassle out of seeking Missouri Marriage Records and accept requests 24/7. Not only are these requests typically fulfilled within a matter of minutes they are backed by a full-refund guarantee taking any risk out of the process. Give one a try here. Order a professional Marriage Records Search with Archives today!