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Mendocino County Marriage Records

There are many reasons why governments keep records. Often, these records are the best evidence that could be used to prove that something had existed or had happened. The reason why the existence of something has to be proven varies, but in general, for marriages, the reason why their existence has to be proven is because of the rights available to a person that had its roots from a valid marriage. For example, a child could be legitimate if he or she was born of a valid marriage, or a person could inherit from his spouse if the marriage is there. Mendocino County Marriage Records provide the person who would seek for these records with the ability to check whether or not a marriage did exist.

As public records, Marriage Records Mendocino County is supposed to be available to everyone and to a certain extent they are. One must note, however, that there are two kinds of copies of marriage records, and these are the certified and informational copies. Informational copies, as the name implies, could only be used to provide information, while certified copies could be used for a whole host of other things. Note, however, that certified copies are only available to those who were party to the marriage or who are related to them in some way. For those who are not part of that exclusive list provided by law, there are informational copies, but the two types give the same information anyway.

County Marriage Records Mendocino

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Mendocino County Marriage License Records are available from a number of sources, but the first source that a searcher would resort to would be the office of the local recorder. At this office, there are two procedures that one could choose to use. The first would be to request for the records in person. Arguably simpler than the other method, this method simply require the searcher to show up in person at the office of the recorder and make the request there. The only requirement would be a valid government issued identification card and the required fee of fifteen dollars. Of course, if the searcher could not spare the time, he or she could make the request through mail. This would require the searcher to first download the relevant form from the website of the recorder and to accomplish the same. Note that requests for certified copy would require the searcher to have the form notarized first. A money order or check should accompany the request form to answer for the required fee which is also fifteen dollars. Once all the requirements had been met, the next step would be to send them to the office of the recorder for processing.

State of California Marriage Records are also available through the California Department of Public Health, a state level organization that has records from all over the state. At this level, the only method of requesting is to make the request through mail, and would require the searcher to first download the required application form from the website of the department. At this level, there are two forms available, so the searcher should note that he or she download the correct form. Once all the formal requisites of the form had been complied with, it should be sent to the department for processing together with the required fee of fifteen dollars in the form of a money order.

Marriage records are also available online through a number of online databases. Faster and more efficient, these online databases are usually easy to use and locate, with most not even charging anything for the use of their services. In addition, because they are internet searches, they could be done from the home of the searcher without the need for the user to even fall in line.

Marriage Records Mendocino County
Follow the procedure given below when making a request for marriage records

  • Determine first if you would request for the records through mail or in person
  • If you decide to request for the same through mail
      • Download the

    relevant form

      from the website of the office of the recorder.

    • Fill up the form. Note that if you are requesting for certified copies, the form should first be notarized
    • Determine your required fee
    • Make a money order to correspond to the required fee and attach the same to the application form.
    • Send the application form and all other requirements to the office for processing
  • If you decide to request for the records in person
    • Proceed to the office of the recorder
    • Make the request there. You would be given a form which you must fill up.
    • Prove your identity by showing the clerk your identification card.
  • If you are requesting for a certified copy, the clerk would ask you to prove that you are either the party to the marriage or are related to the parties in some way.
    • Pay the required fee at the cashier
    • Wait for the record to be issued to you.

Mendocino County Marriage License Records

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