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Mahoning County Marriage Records

The Probate Court in Mahoning is the official in-charge for the compilation of the Mahoning County marriage records and the marriage license reports. Local individuals are instructed to file their requests before this office by following all the requirements imposed by the local government. It is most of the time searched in order to check the real status of the person as to whether or not he or she had been married before. Also, such records are utilized for court use and other legal and commercial purposes. It is your right to obtain a copy of the report, thus, you must take advantage of it for whatever good things it may serve you.

However, you cannot just obtain a copy of somebody else’ records. You can only do that if the owner of the record is deceased or if the record is 50 years and above old already. But the law states that you can still request for it on the condition that you will have it evaluated and approved by the officiating court. The judge on the other hand will have the final say as to whether or not your request contains agreeable reasons for disclosing someone’s marital documents. In most cases, if the marriage records Mahoning County are going to be leveraged for court proceeding purposes, the judge will give you consent to dig into the files in order for the truth to come out. It should help the court decide on a particular case being heard before the court.

County Marriage Records Mahoning

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The ones used for genealogical researches usually comes without a fee, but if you are to apply for a certified copy then you are going to pay $2.00 per document for it. Payment shall be made using cash or money order only. If you are to request for more than 3 copies, you should get additional postage to the Mahoning Probate Court. When sending your request via mail, you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with the required money. Include in the request few details including the groom and bride’s complete names, date of marriage and how many copies you would want to retrieve. The Mahoning County marriage license records can also be requested similarly but should be done in person only before the County Probate Court.

The local residents will definitely get ample of data relating to marriage records in Mahoning for they have been doing the documentation since 1846 up to these days. And the marriage licenses were on file since 1945. These two are absolutely accessible only if you have the documents to support that you are a legitimate citizen in the county. You may contact the office concerned during business hours if you have any question in regards to how the records are going to be obtained.

Today, the Ohio marriage records should be very handy to get as it can now be generated paperless. This means that you just have to find a credible online records solution, pay for the service and get the results in just a few minutes. This is simply useful if you are going to need such documents urgently. There are no more paper requirements behind this modern process, only the basic information of the subject and the amount of fee for the service charge and you should be good after that.

Marriage Records Mahoning County
How to get a copy of the marriage records in Mahoning:

  • Visit the Mahoning County Probate Court
  • Records are available since 1846 and the marriage license are on file since 1945
  • The cost will be $2.00 per document through cash or money order
  • Fill out the form complete and provide the information including the complete names of the couple, date of marriage and the number of copies you want
  • Present at least one government-issued ID from the following; driver’s license, passport, company ID, social
  • security number and other identifications with your signature and a current photo
  • Processing time is 2 to 3 weeks

Mahoning County Marriage License Records

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