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Louisiana Marriage Records

Louisiana is a closed state. This means that while Louisiana Marriage Records can be obtained, individuals seeking such records must meet certain requirements and follow a set list of guidelines. In Louisiana, various vital records including Marriage Records are maintained and issued by the Louisiana Vital Records Registry. However, it’s to make note that while the Registry does issue Marriage Records, it currently only maintains records of licenses issues through the Orleans Parish. Provided the marriage in question meets these requirements, the Registry will be happy to issue Louisiana Marriage Records that occurred between July 1914 and the present day.

Seeing how Louisiana is a closed records state, marriage records are only accessible to immediate family members of those involved or legal representatives. This includes, but is not limited to, spouses, parents, siblings, children, grandchildren and grandparents.

Marriage Records Louisiana

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The Louisiana Vital Records Registry currently maintains an online database that will allow seekers to pinpoint the exact marriage in question. From here, individuals will be able to order Louisiana Marriage Records that meet the above mentioned requirements with a $5.00 fee provided via check or money order. When requesting a Marriage Record, the requestor must provide a plethora of information along with the $5.00 fee. The required information includes, the date of which the marriage occurred, the names of both individuals who participated in the wedding, the location of the wedding and the mailing address to which applicable certificates are to be sent. While the original copy will cost $5.00, as mentioned above, additional copies cost $.50 a piece.

Ordering a Louisiana Marriage Record via the mail-in option may be of interest to some but the Louisiana Vital Records Registry also allows individuals to obtain records in person. The same $5.00 fees apply here but the individuals must also bring with them valid photo identification. The Louisiana Vital Records Registry Central Office can be found at 1450 Poydras Street Suite 400 New Orleans, LA 70112. The Registry will be happy to process all applicants who make a request during normal business hours.

Louisiana Marriage License Public Records

For all marriages that occurred outside of the Orleans Parish, individuals must contact the Clerk of Court of the parish in which the marriage occurred. From there, information will be provided to obtain specific marriage records.

Vital Records Registry contact info:
Address: Louisiana Vital Records Registry
Office of Public Health
P.O. Box 60630
New Orleans, LA 70160

Phone: (504) 568-5152

While the Louisiana Vital Records Registry provides various ways of obtaining Louisiana Marriage Records it can still be a hassle. Luckily, thanks to the emergence of the Internet, many online service providers are happy to do the dirty work for you and take the hassle out of obtaining Louisiana Marriage Records. These service providers accept requests 24/7 and typically process them within minutes. Complete with a full-refund guarantee, these online providers of Louisiana Marriage Records are quickly becoming the go-to method for obtaining such records. Give one a try here. Order a professional Marriage Records Search with Archives today!