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Licking County Marriage Records

The Court of Common Pleas which is also known as the Probate Division or Probate Court is on top of the job in documenting the Licking County marriage records. This role is mandated through the laws and statutes in Ohio where these reports should be regularly updated in the effort to provide the public with legal information to be leveraged as a legitimate reference for whatever purposes. Back in the days, they were only accessed at the state level, however, due to the voluminous requests received by the main records office the officials were pushed to have the same records archived at the county level.

Not only are the marriage records Licking County available in the said county, marriage licenses can also be acquired for genealogical researches and court uses if needed. But this record can only be ordered by the owner of it, a legal representative or a member of the immediate family. The record will only become a public domain if it has reached 50 years already. Today, the court has allowed the third parties to do the request but the reason should be very valid. They will be reviewing your application to determine how important it is to you to obtain such documents. On this note, you would need legal assistance from your lawyer to do the request for you.

County Marriage Records Licking

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There’s plenty to claim from Licking, Ohio since the documentation of the reports started since the 19th century. Both the marital reports and the Licking County marriage license records are definitely retrievable for as long as the guidelines are adhered to. To request for a copy of a marriage certificate, requestors must do it via mail or in-person application. Part of the whole procedure is to fill-out the records request form which contains the vital information of the subject and the details of the requesting parties.

The fee to get a copy of the marriage record is $2.00 per document; it is going to cost more if you are to ask for more copies when necessary. However, the rate could change over time as per the decision of the management. If you want you can call the office concerned at any time during office hours to ask for the current fees and everything. Also, you have to have at least one valid government-issued ID in order for you to acquire the official information that you need. Learn the proper way to do it and you shall for sure get what you are looking for.

But with the advancement of modern technology these days, State of Ohio marriage records can be acquired in only a few minutes. You only have to have the vital details of the subject so you can initiate the online search. This implies that you do it paperless in almost no time for your urgent needs. The big challenge is to locate a trusted online record solution for you to be able to successfully generate the facts which you are seeking for. Online searches make the retrieval of reports completely hassle-free.

Marriage Records Licking County
How to obtain a copy of marriage record in Licking:

  • Visit the Probate Division, Probate Court to transact business on marital records retrieval
  • You may contact the office concerned to ask regarding fees
  • To start the request you must complete the application form which you can download online via the county court’s official webpage
  • Present at least one valid ID including a driver’s license, military ID, social security card, and other official identifications
  • To send through mail you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with the required fee and then have it notarized before submitting to the address of the probate court
  • Processing time is usually 2 to 3 weeks

Licking County Marriage License Records

If you want to know more about the marriage license records just search out the following references:

  • Clerk of Courts
  • Health Department
  • County Genealogy
  • Municipal Court
  • Probate Court
  • Court Records
  • Probate Division
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