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Leon County Marriage Records

Marriage records, like Leon County Marriage Records, are some of the most requested for records in the government for the reason that these are records that are the best evidence to prove the existence of the marriage. It may sometimes be necessary to ask why proving a marriage is necessary, but one must remember that marriage is more than just a ceremony, it is also a public proceeding the results of which would bind the whole world even if they are not aware of the marriage. The public record is one of the ways that the public may be informed in regards to the existence of the marriage, hence, their importance.

Such records are often used as evidence in both public and private proceedings. This is the reason why Marriage Records Leon County are being used as evidences in both cases involving family law such as adoption and divorce. in these proceedings, these records are often necessary, though this does not mean that these are the only types of proceedings where such records may be used. It must be remembered that these records prove the existence of the marriage, and as such, they may be used in any proceeding where the existence of the marriage is a relevant factor that must first be proven.

County Marriage Records Leon

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It is thus important to know where a person could obtain copies of Leon County Marriage License Records. There are, in general, two levels of sources where such records may be located, and these are the local and national level sources. The local level source is the office of the clerk of court who is the official custodian and recorder within the county. This means that any public record, the clerk of court would have a copy of the same. To request for a record at this level would require the presence of the person making the request at the office of the clerk. This is because the procedure being followed at this level is requesting in person. Although it may seem to be a hassle, note that requesting for the records in person may be faster because, more often than not, the records would be made available at the same day that they are requested for.

Another level where FL Marriage Records are available would be the national level source through the Office of Vital Records of the Florida Department of Health. At this level, the procedure that is being followed is making the request through mail, and this means that the person making the request would first have to download the relevant order form from the website of the office and accomplish the same before sending it to the office together with either a money order or check to answer for the required fee. The required fee is five dollars for the first document, plus an additional four dollars for every additional copy of the document that would be requested at the same time.
Finally, online databases constitute another source of marriage records, or any record for that matter. Using the internet, these databases could be accessed from just about anywhere and they present almost the exact information that are available from the government, albeit using a faster and more efficient platform, in addition to the fact that most of them charge only the most minimum of fees to use.

Marriage Records Leon County
The procedure given below is the one used at the local source and must be followed when requesting for marriage records at that level

  • Head over to the records division of the Office of the County Clerk
  • Inform the clerk on duty of your intention to request for marriage records.
  • The clerk on duty would ask you some questions in regards to the record that you are interested in. Try to answer as accurately as possible in order to limit the search parameters.
  • Using your answers, the clerk would use their own database to find all records matching your search criteria.
  • From the results of the search, pick the one that you are interested in.
  • The clerk would then produce the record. Make sure that this is the one that you want before asking that copies be made for you.
  • Pay the required fee after you had claimed your copy of the records.

Leon County Marriage License Records

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