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Lee County Marriage Records

One of the most important records that could be provided by the local government would be marriage records like Lee County Marriage Records. The reason for this lies in the effect of marriage, for it is a certainty that marriage is something that, while in the ultimate analysis is an event involving only two people, actually affects the entire community, if not the world. Certainly, some exclusive rights and obligations attaches upon a person after a valid marriage, and the best way, sometimes the only way, to verify the marriage would be through the use of these records.

Marriage Records Lee County are just like any other marriage record. They are public records that are available to everyone who would ask for them regardless of the reason for asking for them, and they are presumed to be correct so that the person who would claim otherwise would have the burden of proving his or her allegations. At their very core would be a marriage license which should be valid, because that is the consent of the state. Such valid marriage license is then complemented by other documents and records. They are also available only from the county clerk where the marriage itself occurred, and nowhere else.

Marriage Records Lee County

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This is the reason why a person who would request for a copy of Lee County Marriage License Records would first be advised to make sure that the marriage in question was celebrated in the county. If not, then he or she would have to take the search to the county where the marriage occurred. If the marriage occurred within the boundaries of the county, then the county clerk should have records of the same. The procedure to request for one starts with the person making the request writing a letter requesting for the same addressed to the county clerk. The letter should contain as much information regarding the record as possible in order to help expedite the search. If the records are located, then copies of the same would be made and issued to the person who made the request after paying the required copying fee.

Of course, if the only thing copies of the State of Texas Marriage Records are required for is to certify that there is a marriage, then the better way would be just to obtain a verification letter from the state. This is done by sending an accomplished application form to the Vital Statistics Unit of the Texas Department of State Health. Such application form should be accompanied by a money order or check to answer for the required fee of twenty dollars. Note that the unit would issue a verification letter containing information regarding the marriage and a copy of which could be attached to the request letter addressed to the county clerk. Note further that if the unit cannot find records with the state, they would issue a certification reflecting the same which some jurisdictions would accept as conclusive proof that no marriage occurred.

There is now a way to request for marriage records online, and this would be through the use of online databases. Faster and more efficient, these online databases also charge the most minimum of fees for the use of their services, assuming they charge the user at all. They are also easier to use and locate, with users able to access them from anywhere where there is a substantial internet connection.

Marriage Records Lee County
Assuming that the marriage occurred in Lee County, follow the procedure given below when requesting for copies of marriage records at the county clerk office in person

  • Before heading to the office of the county clerk, write a request letter detailing as much information as you could regarding the records you are interested in.
  • Submit this letter to the county clerk staff who would then process your request.
  • At the same day, they would send authorized personnel to the archives to begin the search. Note that if you have a verification letter attached to the letter, the search would be faster.
  • Once the personnel had located the records, they would show it to you and ask if you want copies of the same.
  • Pay the required fee while the office makes the copies that you had requested for.
  • Claim your copies after paying the required fee.

Lee County Marriage License Records

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