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Lake County Marriage Records

For many people, the day that they would get married is certainly one of the happiest days in their lives, but just because two people are in love does not mean that they could get married right away. This is because the government is involved in marriage. One may certainly say that having the government involved in marriage is a bit too far and an invasion of privacy but the truth of the matter is, the government has to be involved in order to regulate rights and privileges, some of which are only available for married couples, and their children. The records that the government collects form part of a parcel of documents known as Lake County Marriage Records.

As they are public records, Marriage Records Lake County are available to the public at large, but note that there are two forms of marriage records copies that a person could obtain. One of them, the certified copy is restricted in the sense that the only people who could request for the same are those who are parties to the marriage or are somehow related to the same. Informational copies, the other type, are available to everyone but could not be used for official purposes. When it comes to the contents of the copies, however, they are just the same, it is just that informational copies have a note on them that says that they are only used for informational purposes.

County Marriage Records Lake

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The first source of Lake County Marriage License Records would have to be the local source in the form of the office of the assessor-recorder. To request for copies at this office, the searcher should first download the relevant form from the website of the assessor and to accomplish the same. Note that a request for a certified copy would require the searcher to have the same notarized first. The next step would be to make a money order to correspond to the required fee of fifteen dollars. The fee is the same regardless of the type of document that would be requested for, be it informational or certified copy. Once all the requisites had been complied with, the next step would be to send them to the office for processing. The usual processing time takes anywhere between two to ten days.

Another source of California Marriage License Public Record would be at the state level through the California Department of Public Health. The state level sources have a broader archive because they take in information from all over the state. As with the local source, the procedure here starts with the searcher first downloading the relevant form from the website of the department. Note that at this level, there are two forms, each corresponding to the type of record that the searcher would want to get his hands on. Once the form had been accomplished, note that certified copies require that the form be notarized, the next step would be to make a money order for the same. The required fee is fifteen dollars per copy. Once all of this is done, the final step would be to send the requirements to the department for processing.

A faster search is possible through the use of online databases that could be accessed through the internet. There are a number of such databases, and this makes them easy to locate. They are even easier to use, and because they are internet searches, they are faster, more efficient, and there are even some that provide their services without asking for payment for their services.

Marriage Records Lake County
The procedure to follow when requesting for records at the state level is given below

  • Visit the website of the California Department of Public Health and download the relevant form
  • Accomplish the form. Note the formal requisites required when one is requesting for a certified copy.
  • Make a money order to correspond to the required fee and attach the same to the application form.
  • Send all requirements to the California Department of Public Health for processing.
  • Wait for three to fifteen days for the department to finish processing your request and send to you the files that you had requested.

Lake County Marriage License Records

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