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Kings County Marriage Records

Just because two people are in love with each other and wants to get married does not mean that they could get married right away. This is because the government is interested in marriage and, therefore, there must be a license before a marriage ceremony could take place. The reason why the government is interested in marriage is many, but mostly because of the effect that marriage would have not only on the lives of those who are party to it, but also those who are in the periphery of the parties to the marriage. The records of marriages that the government collects are then collated and they form part of the marriage records such as Kings County Marriage Records.

As public records, Marriage Records Kings County are supposed to be readily available to the public, and to a certain extent they are. There are, however, marriage records that are not available to the public, because they are certified copies that could then be used in a number of processes that have far-reaching consequences. For these people, however, there is such a thing called informational copy that is available for them. These two types of records, however, provide the same information anyway.

County Marriage Records Kings

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There are a number of sources where marriage records may be requested, but in general, the first place where Kings County Marriage License Records would be requested from would be the local level office of the recorder who is the official custodian of all filed records within the county. A request for records at this office is through mail only, and would require the searcher to first download the relevant application form from the website of the recorder. Note that there is only one form at this level, so when one is requesting for certified copy, the searcher must indicate the same in the form and have the form notarized as is required by law. The form should also include information that would certify that the person requesting for the certified copy is one of those enumerated in the exclusive enumeration of the law. If the applicant is only requesting for informational copies, there is no need to have the form notarized. The next step after accomplishing the form would be to determine the required fee that must be paid. The required fee for marriage records is fifteen dollars per copy, and a money order to correspond to the same should be appended to the request form. All of the requisites now complied with, the next step would be to send the application form to the office for processing. Of course, when one is requesting for multiple copies, there must be multiple application forms, all complying with the formal requisites.

There are a number of online databases that provide Free California Marriage Records. These databases provide the same information as the various government offices and databases, but they do so using a faster and more efficient platform, mostly because they are internet searches. Thus, the only thing that the searcher would need when using these databases is the most basic understanding of search engines. In addition, most of these websites do not charge anything for the use of their services.

Marriage Records Kings County
The steps to follow when requesting for marriage records at the local level is given below

  • Download the relevant application form from the website of the office of the recorder. Note that if you intent to request multiple copies, you must have an application form for each one.
  • Complete the application form and follow whatever formal requisites would be required such as having the same notarized when requesting for a certified copy.
  • Determine your required fee in accordance with the schedule of fees
  • Make a money order to correspond to the required fee and attach the same to your application form.
  • Send the application form or forms as the case may be, together with the other requisites to the office for processing. In the case of money order, if you are sending multiple requests, one money order is enough, provided that they correspond to all of the required fees.
  • Wait for the office to send you the records. Usually, this would take anywhere between two to ten days.

Kings County Marriage License Records

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