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Kings County Marriage Records

The local government in Kings County has been compiling the Kings County marriage records since 1930 up to present. Hence, it has been on file for a while now and therefore the public can definitely obtain something about the marriage information on a certain person. Today, the county clerk office was commissioned by the state to spearhead in the documentation and release of such legal reports. Residents are able to go online to place the request or do it the traditional way by appearing before the office and personally do the retrieval process. If a certain marriage record is hard to find, your last resort would be to visit the New York State Department of Health, they most probably have the details which you have been looking for.

As for the request rate, you will be paying the minimum of $15.00 per copy even if you are requesting for your own marriage records Kings County. If you want more copies then you will have to pay $10.00 per copy. This is the case when the report will be used for domestic purposes. However, the cost for a marriage record for foreign use would be $30.00 per copy. The fee covers for the search, certification and hand signature with raised seal. If you want it to be valid outside the United States then you must do the following; have it authenticated at the county clerk’s office for a charge of $3.00, then take it to the New York State Department to have the county clerk’s signature authenticated too. That should be it; your copy of the marriage record would be valid even when you are abroad.

County Marriage Records Kings

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It is more likely that you get to pull-up the marriage records at Kings County since they have a compilation of it since 1996. If you are digging up for much older records then the best place to go to would be the Record Room Division which situated in Manhattan. They have the collection of Kings County marriage license records from 1930 to 1995. Kings County marriage license records are surely accessible as the Kings government has the resources to provide you the data you need. If your location is too far from the office concerned, then you will have to do the request by mail. First thing you do would be to call the office and ask for the request form or download it through the county clerk’s official website.

People can actually access older records like those that are more than 50 years old already by going after it via mail or visiting the Record Room Division in Manhattan for a certain fee. If the record is less than 50 years old then as a standard procedure you must have your request notarized for it to be honored by the receiving records staff. You need to go through all these formalities in order for you to obtain the vital documents which you are looking to be retrieved for whatever purposes you may have.

The ways the New York marriage records are obtained today have evolved overtime for the great convenience of those who are after it today and in the future. Nowadays, anyone can just do the search at home because there are online resources where data related to marriage records can be obtained from. You just have to pay a reasonable fee for you to get the results which you have been looking for. This digital age has definitely made the search on legal and vital records more hassle-free with the presence of the computers and the Internet.

Marriage Records Kings County
Here’s how to complete a marriage record search in Kings:

    • The records can only be requested at the County Clerk’s office or at the Record Room Division which is located in Manhattan
    • So to get started you must seek for the application form you can have it requested at the county clerk’s office or simply download it through their website
    • For a short certificate the cost would be $15.00 per copy, for extra copies you will have to pay $10.00 for each
    • For it to be valid outside U.S.A. then you must have it authenticated at the county clerk’s office, from there you will have the clerk’s signature authenticated before the New York State Department for a fee of $10.00 each

1930 to 1995 marriage records can be accessed at the Manhattan Records office while those from 1996 up to present are retrievable at the

  • Kings County Clerk office
  • The request therefore can be done either by mail or through walk-in procedures, just make sure that you have to have the request notarized for formality purposes
  • And then you need to have proper identification, it would help if you have an ID with your current photo. This would validate that you are a legitimate citizen in Kings County and therefore you have the right to do the request
  • The turn-around time would depend on much information the requestor would like to get. Usually, it takes 5 to 10 business days to complete the search

Kings County Marriage License Records

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  • Court Records
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  • State Archives
  • Certified Copies
  • State Library
  • Department of Health
  • Vital Records and Genealogy
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