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Kentucky Marriage Records

Kentucky is an open record state. Due to this, it’s quite simple for individuals far and wide to obtain many different records including birth, death, divorce and Marriage. Unlike many other states, the need to consult the Clerk of Court in a given county is virtually nonexistent. The only reason an individual seeking Kentucky Marriage Records would need to consult any Clerk of Court is if the marriage of interest happened prior to June 1958. Otherwise, all Kentucky Marriage Records are maintained and issued by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services’ Office of Vital Statistics.

There are several ways to go about obtaining Kentucky Marriage Records from the Office of Vital Statistics including in person, through the mail and over the phone. In person is without has the quickest turn around but may require more time than one has to spend. The reason this may take quite a bit of time is because individuals must physically appear at the Office of Vital Statistics and submit their request in person. Fees associated with requests are $6.00 per copy and up to 10 copies may be requested. The Office of Vital Statistics makes note that they may process requests on the day which they are received subject to workload and staffing. Furthermore, requests submitted after 3:30PM will be processed by the next business day.

Marriage Records Kentucky

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Second is over the phone. Individuals seeking Kentucky Marriage Records may phone Office of Vital Statistics to make a request but there are some catches. The Office of Vital Statistics will not accept credit cards through the phone unless the request requires emergency expedited delivery. To complicate things further, an emergency is to be defined by the Office of Vital Statistics which means the definition of an emergency is objective and can change from case to case.

Finally, individuals seeking Kentucky Marriage Records can submit their request via the US Postal Service. All applicable fees are to be paid via check or money order with mailed-in cash not being accepted. While this may be the most convenient of ways to request Kentucky Marriage Records, the Office of Vital Statistics may take up to 30 days from the day which the request is received to actually process said request.

Office of Vital Statistics contact info:
Address: Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Office of Vital Statistics
275 East Main Street IE-A
Frankfort, KY 40621

Phone: (502) 564-4212

Kentucky Marriage License Public Records

While it’s quite a bit easier to obtain Kentucky Marriage Records than it is other states, it’s still a bit of a hassle. Not only do you have to accrue the necessary information but you also have to take the time to prepare a mail-in request, appear at the Office of Vital Statistics or make the request via a phone call. Luckily, many different online service providers have emerged to take the hassle out of obtaining Kentucky Marriage Records. These online service providers accept requests 24/7 and typically return results within minutes. Backed by a full-refund guarantee obtaining Kentucky Marriage Records has never been easy. Give one a try here. Order a professional Marriage Records Search with Archives today!