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Indiana Marriage Records

Indiana is an open record state. This means that individuals who are directly related to those named on several records including birth, death, divorce and Marriage are free to obtain copies. Indiana Marriage Records, in particular, are kept by the Indiana State Department of Health’s Vital Records Department. From here, individuals are free to obtain not only Marriage Records but all of the other records listed above as well. However, it’s to make note that while the Vital Records Department will issue copies of vital records it’s up to the counties when it comes to what information and fees are required.

Luckily, the information usually required for Indiana Marriage Records is largely the same as other states. This information may include, but is not limited to, the names of those involved in the marriage, the location at which the marriage took place including county and venue, the date on which the marriage took place and the relationship of the requestor to either party involved in the marriage. As mentioned above, the fees associated with obtaining Indiana Marriage Records will vary from county to county. As with other states, these fees can range anywhere from $.50 per copy all the way up to $50 per copy. Due to these variances, it’s best to check with the Indiana State Department of Health to find out which county charges what fees.

Marriage Records Indiana

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There are two different ways to go about requesting Indiana Marriage Records. The first of such ways is through the telephone. The Indiana State Department of Health asks that all individuals who make their requests via the telephone have all of the above listed information on hand when they make their request. The second method of obtaining Indiana Marriage Records is through the US Postal Service. The Indiana State Department of Health will accept written requests for copies of Indiana Marriage Records provided all of the above mentioned information is provided. Due to the variances between countes it’s best to check what fees apply before sending check or money order. Additionally, also due to counties handling the individual requests, wait times may very and can take up to a month or more from the date on which the request is recieved.

Indiana State Department of Health contact info:
Address: Vital Records
Indiana State Department of Health
P.O. Box 7125
6 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46206-7125

Phone: (317) 233-2700

Indiana Marriage License Public Records

Like many other states, coming across Indiana Marriage Records can be quite difficult. This is largely due to the fact that counties are in charge of handling individual requests made through the Indiana State Department of Health’s Vital Records Department. Luckily, much of this hassle can be completely negated thanks to the emergence of online service providers. These online service providers make it easy to obtain Indiana Marriage Records by accepting requests 24/7 and returning results within mere minutes. Backed by a full-refund gaurantee, Indiana Marriage Records obtained via these online service providers are easier to come by than ever before. Give one a try here. Order a professional Marriage Records Search with Archives today.